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LEGACY | Blazing Saddle Falls: Jack Lilley Rides • SCVTV (Video) 2017.

LW2939 - Publicity Photo: Gary Lockwood (Hart High 1955) in "The Blue Knight" (CBS 1976).

GZ0101 - Pam Bordelon and Jerry Koopman at Jack Lilley's Ranch in Honby, ~1976 (5 Views).

GZ0501 - Sierra Vista Junior High School Graduation, 6-15-1973 (3 Views).

LW2938 - William S. Hart & Maurice Chevalier, German Tobacco Card, ~1920s.

LW2937 - Newhall Ice Co. Ice Pick, 1963-1999.

LW2936 - SPRR Daylight Special at Saugus Depot, May 1941.

LW2935 - Film Clips: Sable Ranch and Rancho Maria in "Ride 'Em Cowboy" (Abbott & Costello), 1942.

LW2934 - Cliffie Stone Press Kit: Official Bio (Includes Local), 1990.

CP1701 - In Memoriam: Norman the Cow (Steer), 2005-2017• William S. Hart Regional Park, 3-15-2017.

Wildrose Charcoal Kilns by Linda Castro,, 3-16-2017.

LW2933 - Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (1928) in The Picture Show Annual 1929.

LW2932 - Lagerberg's Union 76 Wholesale Distribution Business: Personal Toolkit Promo, 1950s-1960s.

LW2931 - Publicity Still: Gary Lockwood (Hart High 1955) with Basil Rathbone in "The Magic Sword" (1962).

LW2930 - Publicity Still: SCV's Peggy Stewart Co-Stars in "Marshal of Laredo," 1945.

Annual SCVHS St. Francis Dam Disaster Tour (Photos) • 3-11-2017.

Drone Video: St. Francis Dam Disaster Site • Danny Sullivan, 3-12-2017.

LW2929 - 6-S Ranch Airpark: Scenes from "China Doll" (MGM 1958).

LW2928 - Site of Trueblood Roadside Rest (4 Views), Castaic, 2017.

LW2927 - William S. Hart with Freddie Bartholomew, Publicity Photo, 1935.

LW2926 - The Locomotive Tom Vernon Wrecked: SPRR Engine No. 5042 in 1939.

LW2925 - The Terrifying Tale of the Runaway Drone • Pageant, May 1957.

LW2924 - Melody Ranch: Rootin'tootin'ville, U.S.A. • Pageant magazine, May 1957

LW2923 - 1929 Saugus Train Robbery: Will the Real Buffalo Vernon Please Stand Up? •, March 2017.

LW2922 - Magic Mountain: Clown Coaster, 1974.

LW2921 - Magic Mountain: Sleepy Petting-Zoo Goats on the Lam, 1974.

LW2920 - Magic Mountain: Accordion Player, 1974.

LW2919 - Magic Mountain: Variety Show in 7-Up Showcase Theatre, 1970s.

Chiquita Canyon Landfill Expansion: Final EIR, February 2017.

LW2918 - Location of 6-S Ranch Airpark (1946-1960).

LW2917 - "The Rampant Age," Trem Carr Productions 1930 (Full Movie).

LW2916 - Legends of Country Music: Cliffie Stone • CMSA Newsletter, November 1990.

LW2915 - HMN Grandson Almer M. Newhall Makes First Long-Distance Call from S.F. to Buenos Aires, 1930.

LW2914 - Actual Photo Used by Train Robber Tom Vernon to Masquerade as Buffalo Vernon, 1962

LW2913 - Death Certificate: Tom Vernon, 1929 Saugus Train Robber.

Actor Harry Carey Visits Bear Canyon-Saugus CCC Camp, 1933 (Reported 1934).

LW2905 - Bear Canyon-Saugus CCC Camp (8 Views), 1935-36.

HB1701 - Stephen Chase, Western Actor, 1939.

LW2903 - Lou Costello on Set of "Ride 'Em Cowboy," Soledad Canyon (Universal 1942).

LW2902 - Winifred Westover (Mrs. William S. Hart): Swedish Movie Star Postcard, 1925-1936.

LW2901 - Katy Jurado & Anthony Quinn at Melody Ranch in "Man from Del Rio," Publicity Still, 1956.

LW2753d - Billy Curtis Stars in "The Terror of Tiny Town" (Melody Ranch / Columbia 1938).

LW2753c - Yvonne Moray Stars in "The Terror of Tiny Town" (Melody Ranch / Columbia 1938).

LW2753b - Billy Curtis and Yvonne Moray Star in "The Terror of Tiny Town" (Melody Ranch / Columbia 1938).

LW2900 - Automobile Road Map: Los Angeles to Elizabeth Lake, 1922.

DI3401 - Officials Raise Spillway Gate to Fill Bouquet Canyon Reservoir, 3-28-1934.

Future Train Robber Tom Vernon Arrested for Horse Stealing in Ventura County, 1920.

1929 Saugus Train Robber Tom Averill Vernon: Mugshots & Prison Records

GZ0404 - 11th Annual Newhall Christmas Storybook Parade, 12-8-1973 (5 Views).

Very Corderly Yours: The Tom Averill Vernon Letters | Personal Correspondence to & from the 1929 Saugus Train Robber

GZ0401 - Pam Bordelon (Koopman) at Dillenbecks' Labor Day Picnic, September 1970.

GZ0301 - Equestrian Event at Showgrounds in Castaic, 1970s.

LW2899 - Gene Autry in "The Strawberry Roan," Publicity Still, 1948.

LW2898 - Investors Celebrate Saugus Oil Gusher, 1963.

LW2897 - Stewardess Yvonne Trego, Plane Crash Victim, Rice Canyon 12-27-1936.

LW2896 - Southern Pacific Engine No. 3674 at Saugus, 3-29-1936.

LW2895 - Rough Riders (Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton) at Monogram Ranch Main Gate, Arcade Card, 1941-42.

LW2894 - Newhall Dairy Farms: Half-Pint Milk Bottle, ~1940s.

LW2893 - Great Saugus Train Robbery: Daybreak, African American Workers, Woman with Baby, Baker Ranch, 11-11-1929.

LW2892 - Great Saugus Train Robbery with Passengers, Earliest Known Photo, 11-10-1929.

LW2891 - William S. Hart, Paramount Arcade Card, Late 1910s-Early 1920s.

LW2890 - Vogue Photo Shoot at Tejon Ranch: Leonardo DiCaprio by Annie Leibovitz, 1997.

LW2889 - Theater Check Used to Rent "Ridin' Luck" (Trem Carr 1927).

GZ0201 - Running Horses at Original Canyon Country Little League Fields, 1970s.

LW2888 - Asthma Patient Timmy Bercaw, 9, of Saugus, Visited by Singer Frankie Randall, 1967.

LW2887 - Lucretia del Valle Grady Promotes Women's Suffrage in Iran, 1950.

LW2886 - William S. Hart in "O'Malley of the Mounted," Publicity Photo, 1921.

lw2885 - 4 Killed in Plane Crash While Searching for Plane Crash, 11-17-1934.

LW2884 - Chatsworth Neighborhood Destroyed in Clampitt Fire, 9-28-1970.

Memories of Callahan's Old West by Tom Shubert, 12-9-2016.

(New) Driving Directions to the St. Francis Dam Disaster Site

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