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LW2865 - Lobby Card: Buck Jones in "One Man Law," Placerita Canyon (Walker Ranch), 1932.

LW2864 - Tom Mix Stars in "King Cowboy," Publicity Still, 1928.

Standard Oil Co. of California: The First 50 Years • Standard Oil Bulletin, September 1929.

JN4902 - Flock of Sheep on the Newhall Ranch, ~1940s.

JN5501 - Emilia Appelzoller Duran, Newhall Ranch resident, pre-1963.

JN4701 - Sorting Potatoes in Bouquet Canyon, 1947.

LW2863 - Funscoming Spring 1971: Magic Mountain Pre-Opening Brochure.

DI4005 - Person Standing in Beale's Cut, Looking South, n.d. (ca. 1900-1910).

DI4004 - Boating on Lake Hughes, Real Photo Postcard, ca. 1940s.

LW2862 - The Ranch House Coffee Shop & Restaurant at Valencia (Ranch House Inn), Advertisement 1969.

LW2861 - Club Castaic Matchbook Cover, n.d.

LW2860 - Cal Islands Restaurant Matchbook Cover, 1990s.

LW2859 - Accomplice Lester F. Mead Confesses to Role in 1929 Saugus Train Robbery, 11-1929.

LW2858 - Tex Williams Fan Club Invitation, 8-6-1948.

General Election Results, Nov. 8, 2016: State, Local.

Oilman Harvey Hardison Among Casualties in Fatal Tunnel Explosion • 4-4-1890.

LW2857 - William S. Hart on Imperial Tobacco Co. Card, Canada 1916.

Oil Pioneer & Newspaperman Wallace L. Hardison Killed in Collision with Locomotive • 4-10-1909.

LW2856 - Magic Mountain Sky Tower Sponsored by Western Airlines, 1977-78.

LW2855 - USGS Map: Buena Vista Lake Quadrangle, August 1912.

Little Lake Site, Pinto Points, Obsidian Dating in Great Basin by Clement W. Meighan, 1981.

LW2854 - Signed by Artist: Print of Gene Autry's Champion Comic Book Cover No. 19 (1955).

LW2853 - Santa Paula Mining & Reduction Co. Stock Cert. Issued to L.M. Hardison, 7-30-1901.

LW2852 - Durant (Lebec) Hotel, Earliest Known Photo, 7-29-1921.

LW2851 - Wrecked Wing of Lockheed Transport Plane ACME Photo 5-19-1938.

LW2849 - Scott & Ruth Newhall Prepare to Embark on World Cruise, April 1936.

LW2848 - Tataviam Culture: 4 Bowers Cave Baskets Depicted in Mason (1904).

Los Angeles County (Only) Election Results, 1849-1879: L.A. County Rejects Lincoln (Twice) & Chinese Immigration.

Report: Callahan's Red School House Came from Emma Mine in Acton.

LW7701 - Hart High Marching Band in Newhall Fourth of July Parade, 1977.

LW7103 - Rival Newspaper Publishers Tony Newhall & Jackie Storinsky, 1971.

LW1401 - Bill Hart Monument (1927 Range Rider Statue), Billings, Mont. (Multiple Views), 10-26-2014.

LW2847 - Wm. S. Hart & Charley Mack at Mack's Newhall Home, 1933.

LW2846 - Saugus Airport: Aviation Writer Devon Francis Takes First Solo Flight in a Hawley Bowlus Glider, 7-3-1941.

LW2845 - L.A. Aqueduct: Correspondence from Man at Brand-New Power House No. 2, 6-21-1920.

RN7301 - Henry Mayo Newhall's 5 Sons: Henry G., William Mayo, Edwin, Walter, George, 1873.

ID2701 - St. Francis Dam Victims Marjorie and Mazie Curtis with brother Danny and Neighbor Girl, 1927.

BT1893 - J. Herbert Tolfree, Tolfree Eating House, Saugus (Saugus Cafe).

BT1892 - Charles Edward Tolfree, Tolfree Eating House, Saugus (Saugus Cafe).

(New) Driving Directions to the St. Francis Dam Disaster Site

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