Pauline Harte

Watching Klajic scratch around in her litter box

Pauline Harte · May 13, 1997

Have you ever watched a cat attempt to cover up her mess in a litter box? She twists and turns and scratches and digs. She stops for a moment and lifts her head, sniffing the air. Then she furiously begins scratching again until half the litter surrounds the box and nothing is left to cover the mess she is trying so hard to hide. Kitty's frantic flailings just can't rid her box of the stupendous stench.

Now that I think of it, Kitty's feverish but futile attempts bear a remarkable resemblance to the mad, pathetic scratchings of Councilwoman Jill Klajic. She twists and turns and does the hootchie-kootchie, but the odious fumes from her political sandbox still hang in the atmosphere like the Goodyear blimp.

On May 7, Signal readers were treated to one more demented diatribe from Jill Klajic. Jill and her pompous pals have been vociferously whining that The Signal has been unfairly harassing them. But Jill and her astigmatic little band of zombies keep calling and writing and begging for attention.

Take a lesson from Kitty, Jill. Stop scratching! If you really want The Signal to stop sniffing around your litter box, you and the Kooky Klajic Kohorts are going to have to stop kicking up the sand!

In fact, Jill, I believe that The Newhall Land and Farming Company should actually put you on its payroll. There just aren't enough people around here who can make a big developer look good, but you manage that with such ease, Jill! Your surly shenanigans have managed to hog the entire spotlight, leaving Newhall Land coolly counting the blessings falling upon it from the arcing spray of your sandbox litter.

No more letters, Jill. Your ranting rhetoric just angers honest people who know the difference between right and wrong. A sincere apology might have placated us initially, before we realized that you are incapable of sincerity. But your blatantly unrepentant and arrogant letters have forced your "detractors" to conclude that you are a very dangerous loose cannon that cannot and will not be controlled.

Your detractors suspect that you are not a team player, Jill, and never will be because you consider yourself exempt from the rules of the game. Your detractors suspect that you are quite possibly an extremely dishonest and sneaky politician, a politician who will stop at nothing to accommodate a personal agenda.

It's not your politics that cause my nose to wrinkle up in disgust, Jill, it's your lack of integrity. No amount of psycho-babble and double-speak will convince me that a steaming pile of offal can be magically transformed into a fragrant bouquet of roses simply because you say it is so.

If you are unable to appreciate and honor the concept of voting, you simply don't belong in politics, Jill. We are all entitled to our opinions, and that is why we vote. It's called "democracy." You are not a separate entity, Jill. You don't have the right, and you don't have MY permission, to speak for me. That is the right of our City Council as a team. If you are too arrogant to be an honest team player, you have no business on the team. It's so simple, Jill. I can't understand why you just can't get it!

And as long as you and your terminally myopic cronies keep elbowing your way front and center on the pages of The Signal, you are going to get back the recognition that you so richly deserve.

Jump out of your sandbox, Jill, and just walk away. Don't look back. It's probably too late to walk away with even a shred of dignity, but do it anyway. It's time.

- 30 -



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