Pauline Harte

July 4th parade did us proud

Pauline Harte · July 15, 1997

The Fourth of July in the Santa Clarita Valley was proof that enthusiasm, camaraderie, and old-fashioned patriotism are what make this valley such a great place to live.

Because other columnists have remarked on our spectacular Fourth of July, this may seem redundant, but I am going to go ahead anyway and wave a little flag of thanks to some very special people who helped in a big way to make this holiday the best celebration this valley has seen in a long time.

Heaps of kudos and gratitude to all of you patriotic and enthusiastic Santa Claritans who left cool, comfortable homes at the crack of dawn to line the parade route in the sizzling heat. Without your generous show of support there would be no reason to even have a parade. The way I see it, the parade was there to salute YOU. The spirit of the Santa Clarita Valley shined in every face!

Along with a considerable amount of sweat.

All those wonderful little kids who walked and rode bikes the entire hot parade route should be given a great big hug. That was really hard work. Of course, all the kids in the parade were appreciated more than words can say.

You made the day!

I hope we will be seeing the combined school bands of the Santa Clarita Valley in all of our future parades. All that practicing paid off. You sounded great and everyone was really impressed by how professional you looked and played.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the kids who had Silly String and DIDN'T use it. A few of this year's parade entrants almost didn't come back because of last year's Silly String problems, so thanks, kids, for your self-control and cooperation.

In praising the countless, hard working volunteers responsible for this successful parade, Carol Rock slid in her own herculean efforts without the fanfare such efforts deserve. Carol wrote the script for the parade announcers, a monstrous task that, combined with Walter Watson's incredibly organized parade line-up, made the parade run as smoothly as warm honey.

Artie Thompson and all the Sheriff's deputies did a wonderful job monitoring our parade in their typically low-key fashion. No wonder this is one of the safest places to live in the U.S.A.!

Laurene Weste-McCarthy and hubby Jim were attending to last-minute details WELL past the midnight hour the night before the parade. And was there anyone along the parade route who DIDN'T know Frank Ferry?

Everyone should give parade chairman Leon Worden a MUCH deserved pat on the back for a job more than well done. This will always be a parade to remember, Leon.

Three cheers to the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce's after-parade festivities and spectacular fireworks display. I hope this is the beginning of a tradition!

This was a really fun event, thanks to so many gung-ho volunteers.

And a very special thanks to Captain Cardiac and the Coronaries. You wild and crazy guys make any event an EVENT! You're terrific!

I think it's safe to say that July 4th, 1997 will always be remembered as an exceptional, grand tribute to the patriotic spirit of the Santa Clarita Valley.

We did ourselves proud!

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