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Communism is 100 percent bad, Roberta, not 70

Pauline Harte · September 2, 1997

I'm sure that if Roberta Gillis were to write a book about her life in Yugoslavia (now Croatia) that book would make fascinating reading. An article detailing Roberta's terrifying experiences while living in a war-torn country appeared in The Signal on August 18th, and I would like to respond to "The World According to Roberta."

Yes, Roberta, you are sometimes perceived as a rabid Democrat, but I personally can't fault you for that. I, myself, become a little too strident about my "pet" issues. But what the heck. Passion if the stuff of dreams. And lawsuits.

I am a little unclear about your opinions concerning communism. You state that you are "not necessarily against the communist government completely, only about 70 percent. Thirty percent is really good," you tell us.

Since this is not a socialist country, I will always be a little wary of any politicians or activists who admit to any amount of support for the Communist party. I'm funny that way.

There is a class of people in this country that is going the way of the California condor. These people are floundering at the threshold of extinction because the liberal feeding troughs grow deeper and deeper every year. The onerous burden of keeping these troughs full has fallen directly on the callused shoulders of middle class Americans.

We object to handing over larger and larger portions of our hard-earned money to support the fraud and abuses perpetuated by multi-generational welfare families. We are angered when substantial amounts of our paychecks are given to perfectly able-bodied people who think it is their inalienable right as Americans to get paid for doing absolutely nothing. We object to giving illegal aliens the right to break laws others must obey, and then financially rewarding them for their unlawful behavior.

Americans voiced their discontent in the polling booths and Democrats accuse the frustrated masses of wanting to starve the children and the homeless.

What rubbish!

You say you want to see the children and the needy fed, Roberta. Welfare abuse is what created the level of poverty that exists in America today. Perpetuating the cycle of hand-outs only perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Welfare is used by too many as a legacy to be handed down from one generation to the next. I will gladly give someone a leg up, but I object to being stuck providing unlimited free passes for a lifetime of free rides. This must end.

Reform of this magnitude is going to be a tough road to hoe. Roberta, you complain that the Democratic party isn't the same party it used to be. That's because the Democratic party recognizes the fact that reform must begin now to protect the economic future of America.

People stop dreaming and achieving when they are paid to do nothing, don't you agree, Roberta? There is no future in poverty, and therefore no future in the endless hand-outs that perpetuate poverty. The cycle just goes around and around.

The hard working people of America's middle class can no longer be coerced into feeling guilty for attaining personal prosperity by the sweat of their brow. That is a socialist attitude that has no place in a country that was founded on the principle of free enterprise.

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