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Mark your calendar for a special Christmas celebration

Pauline Harte · September 30, 1997

By now I am sure you have figured out for yourself that there are only about 32 seconds left to get your holiday shopping done. Families are already trying to divide themselves up a hundred different ways in order to please a hundred different relatives. Visions of sugarplums have been replaced by nightmares of those Looney Tunes ties and boisterous boxer shorts.

Sometimes the real spirit of the season gets lost somewhere between the shopping bags and the Kentucky Fried Chicken -- and if it weren't for my personal driver from Domino's, I'm sure I wouldn't survive this season of insanity.

But there is a way for Santa Claritans to experience an exceptionally memorable and special holiday season without leaving our valley. Would you like to give your children the joy and tradition of an old fashioned Christmas? Then come celebrate the Twelve Days Of Christmas in Old Town Newhall!

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee and the Santa Clarita Civic Association, "Noel to Newhall" will bring residents, community groups and merchants together to celebrate the Twelve Days Of Christmas, beginning with a block party on Walnut Street on Monday, Dec. 12th.

There will be thousands of twinkling white lights and joyous entertainment from carolers, youth groups, choirs and many other organizations that have signed up to participate in this holiday tribute to Old Town Newhall.

And you can't even complain that this will cut into your after-work Christmas shopping. All of the merchants are being encouraged to stay open late to accommodate your shopping needs. On Tuesday, Dec. 16th, there will be a "Five Golden Rings" sidewalk sale with entertainment at the Oak Plaza Center on Lyons Avenue.

On Dec. 19th, there will be more sidewalk sales with entertainment at Plaza Posada and the Valencia Bank-Post Office-Smart & Final Center.

On Dec. 21st, Newhall Ice will throw a "snow party" at Hart Park, and there is also going to be a Pet Parade and a Blessing of the Animals. Make sure all those lions and tigers and bears are well fed!

Although there are plans for plenty of entertainment for all of the Twelve Days Of Christmas, I don't want to get into too many more "specifics" right now. Once all of the plans are finalized there will be a complete and detailed account of times, places and events so that you won't miss out on any of the festivities.

I just want to make sure that you mark a great big "X" on your calendar for December 12, the First Day Of Christmas, in Old Town Newhall. "Noel to Newhall" promises to be an old-fashioned Christmas that you and your children will never forget. Come one, come all, and experience the joy and hope and friendship of the holiday season right here in your own back yard!

* * *

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