Doc Rioux At Large

Touched by the Web site
August 3, 1998

This letter is just to let you know that I happened upon your Internet site today. I began reading Dr. Rioux's articles and could hardly stop reading.

I am a Christian and an Environmental Science student as well as a wife and mom. I found your site by searching for Christian Environmentalists and happened upon the article on such. After I began to read most of the other articles in the site, I was moved by this person and his God-centered views.

His articles are touching, inspiring and eye-opening.

As I am approaching 30 years old, I have been hit with a great desire to do something significant with my life, more than merely working 9-5 and being caught up in the materialism and hustle-bustle of this modern day life. I was greatly moved by many of his discussions, and very much hope to be able to do something so meaningful with my own life; something that will use my faith and my passion about God's earth to move and touch people in such a way.

It was a wonderful idea to create this site, and I hope all who happen upon it will be as touched as I am. Dr. Rioux must have been a wonderful person. Thank you for letting his work and ideas live on.