Doc Rioux At Large

The genius and magic of "Doc"
May, 1997

The passing of Richard Rioux is such a sad moment in the history of Santa Clarita Valley that it is very difficult to think of his death without great sorrow.

I've known "Doc" Rioux about twelve years and shall cherish his memory, his appreciation for life, the beauty of his soul, his community work and family forever. His recently published book, entitled "Images," displayed the creative photographic genius of the man and the beauty of his soul.

He was a man of great zeal, commitment, focus and determination to make this a better place than he found it, to help the weak and oppressed, to teach and inspire the young, to do God's work by helping his community and family. He was also very committed to revitalizing downtown Newhall and preserving the history of the Santa Clarita Valley.

His love of parades and pageantry was inspiring, and I wish he were here to share in our Fourth of July festivities. I guess we'll just have to carry on without his advice and humor, but I assure you his memory will always remain.

I am particularly grateful to Richard for his compassion and his ability to offer advice and encouragement during times of stress. He was a tremendous help to me after my husband died several years ago through his calls, notes and encouragement.

I pray that someday his unfinished religious film will reach completion because it meant so much to him.

The genius and magic of "Doc" Rioux was in everything he touched, his work, his beliefs, his photography, his writings, his teaching, his love of God, country, family and friends.

I'm very happy I was a friend of his for the few years I knew him. I extend to his family and friends my deepest condolences and prayers for the strength to overcome this personal tragedy in their lives.

Farewell, sweet prince -- may God protect you in heavenly eternity.

Councilwoman, City of Santa Clarita