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                         Appropriate Measure R Local Return (fund 264) funds in the amount of $729,902 to
                          expenditure account S3031264-5161.001.

               5.    Authorize the City Manager or designee to execute all documents, subject to City Attorney


               The proposed Sierra Highway Pedestrian Bridge and Street Improvements consist of widening
               southbound Sierra Highway to construct a right-turn pocket and the construction of a steel
               pedestrian bridge over Sierra Highway, including the associated approach ramps. The scope of
               work also includes construction of curb, gutter, structural road section, drainage improvements,
               sidewalk, trail, bus turnout, streetlight conduit, traffic signals, signing and striping, retaining
               walls, bridge abutments, and tube steel fencing. This project supports the Sustaining Public
               Infrastructure theme of the City of Santa Clarita’s (City) five-year strategic plan, Santa Clarita

               A portion of the project limits on Sierra Highway is within Caltrans’ right-of-way and requires
               Caltrans District 7 design oversight. The City’s design team worked with staff from Caltrans’
               design and right-of-way divisions to obtain their approval of the plans and an encroachment
               permit for construction.

               This project is funded with an Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant. The ATP funding
               source originated in September 2013 when Governor Brown signed legislation creating the ATP
               program overseen by the California Transportation Commission (CTC) and California
               Department of Transportation (Caltrans). In May 2014, the City of Santa Clarita applied for and
               received a grant in the amount of $1,402,000 with a required local match of 11.47 percent.

               On May 17, 2017, the CTC allocated $1,402,000 in ATP funds to the project. On June 19, 2017,
               Caltrans granted their authorization to proceed with construction, also known as E-76. The CTC
               requires the construction contract to be awarded within six months from the allocation date of
               May 17, 2017. If this requirement is not met, the City will forfeit the grant funding in its entirety,
               as the CTC does not offer a time extension for ATP grant funding.

               In addition to the ATP grant funding, the project also received funds from developer-in-lieu fees
               and local match funds for the proposed pedestrian bridge and street improvements.

               An invitation to bid was published three times: June 27, July 1, and July 7, 2017, and was posted
               on the City’s website. Plans and specifications were uploaded on the City's website. Ten bids
               were submitted to the City and opened by Purchasing on August 14, 2017. The results are shown

               Ranking        Company                             Location             Bid Amount
                  1.          C.A. Rasmussen, Inc.                Valencia, CA         $3,161,502
                  2.          Powell Constructors, Inc.           Fontana, CA          $3,298,934
                  3.          R.C. Becker and Son, Inc.           Santa Clarita, CA    $3,418,930
                  4.          Los Angeles Engineering, Inc.       Covina, CA           $3,451,687

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