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                  5.          Toro Enterprises, Inc.              Oxnard, CA           $3,854,775
                  6.          USS Cal Builders, Inc.              Stanton, CA          $3,867,872
                  7.          Pulice Construction, Inc.           San Diego, CA        $3,894,420
                  8.          Future DB International, Inc.       Irvine, CA           $3,986,172
                  9.          Griffith Company                    Brea, CA             $4,260,551
                  10.         Beador Construction Company, Inc.  Corona, CA            $4,536,300

               Staff recommends awarding the project to C.A. Rasmussen, Inc., the lowest responsive bidder.
               This contractor possesses a valid state contractor’s license and is in good standing with the
               Contractors State License Board. The contractor’s bid was reviewed for accuracy and
               conformance to the contract documents and found to be complete and also in conformance with
               the grant funding requirements.

               The requested construction contingency amount of $316,150 will cover the cost for unforeseen
               site conditions, such as potential utility conflicts, abandoned utilities not shown in record
               drawings, change order requests made by the contractor, and change orders for additional work
               ordered by the City.

               To ensure efficient and proper procedures in construction inspection and materials testing, staff
               solicited Requests for Proposals (RFP) from qualified consultants to provide construction
               support. Staff received seven proposals for materials inspection and testing and two proposals for
               construction survey. Dokken Engineering will continue to provide the construction support, as
               they were the design engineer of record. Staff recommends awarding the contracts to the
               consultants listed below. These consultants were rated as most qualified through the selection
               process. The construction support services contracts total $291,960.

               Consultant                 Location            Responsible for               Contract Amount
               Dokken Engineering         Folsom, CA          Bridge and Civil Engineering          $106,128
               R.T. Frankian and Assoc.  Santa Clarita, CA   Materials Inspection and Testing       $148,632
               Vertex Survey, Inc.        Santa Clarita, CA  Construction Survey Staking             $ 37,200

               California Government Code 4526 prescribes selection of architectural and engineering services
               to be based on demonstrated competence and professional qualification necessary for the
               satisfactory performance of the services required, does not authorize the selection of professional
               architectural and engineering services based on costs, and does not require the cost proposals to
               be sealed. However, federally funded projects, such as this, require the City to follow the strict
               federal guidelines in the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM). In the
               Consultant Selection section of the LAPM, it clearly states, “Each consultant’s cost proposal
               must remain sealed until negotiations commence with that particular consultant.” Per the federal
               guidelines of the LAPM, staff opened the sealed cost proposal for R.T. Frankian and Associates
               and Vertex Survey, Inc., and negotiated a final contract at a fair and reasonable price for the
               services requested in the RFP.


               Other action as determined by the City Council.

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