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A1 Business Objectives

                    1. What are the Chevron corporate strategic intents that impact this project?

                    City of Santa Clarita
                   Preservation of areas history and history of petroleum
                    Create historic park district with recreations/re-enactments  etc.
                   Education of the public on areas history.
                   Add to the tourism of the area.

                   Protecting people & environment
                   Public perception/Good Public Relations
                    Educate the Public about the benefits and history of oil production and refining in
                    Optimum disposition  non-producing properties.
                    Facilitate the Production Company's exit from the LA basin.

                    2. What are the Operating Company (OPCO) strategic objectives that impact this project?

                    Optimum disposition of non-producing properties.

                    3. What are the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) strategic objectives that may impact this

                   Not Applicable

                    4. How can this project support achievement of the Corporate strategic intents, and
                    OPCO and Business Unit strategic objectives?

                    City of Santa Clarita
                    Addition to the City's historic district will enhance tourism.
                    Add another reason for people to visit the area.
                    Create a visual history of the oil development the community was founded on.
                    Build goodwill and benefit the community.
                    Chevron's participation with the community

                    5. What is the economic justification for this project?

                    City of Santa Clarita
                    City may want to do a cost-benefit analysis of addition expenditures.
                    Additional work may be done on a volunteer basis.
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