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New jobs when historic district is operational.
                    State and federal funding  - possible for some parts of the work.
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       I            Chevron
                    This project is a donation oftime and resources.  Economic justification is not required.

                    6.  What are the economic sensitivities for the project?

                    City of Santa Clarita
                    This project will compete with other parks and historic restorations in the area for
                    additional funding .
                    $15,000 cap on expenditures.

                    7. How do marketing goals impact the project?

                    City of Santa Clarita
                    Enhance tourism to the area.
                    Education of the public on the oil industry's role in the early development of California.

                    8. What other projects may impact  or be impacted by  this project?

                    City of Santa Clarita
                    Competition for funding may adversely impact this or other historic restorations.
                    Chevron Production does not have any on-going projects that will be impacted. Poor
                    relations with the community may impact other operating companies projects.  A
                    successful project may increase Chevron's participation in similar projects in other

                    9. What tax-related financial strategies may impact project plans?

                    City of Santa Clarita
                    Possible tax deductions due to the donation of resources to a non-profit organization.
                    Reduction of tax liabilities due to the transfer of property that is no longer producing

                    10. What public relations policies, goals or practices may impact the project?

                    City of Santa Clarita
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