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Time required to bring site to completion.
                   Changing political and economic climate inCity of Santa Clarita.
                   Extensive earthquake damage to remaining structures.
                   Competition for funding with other city projects.
                   Changes in funding available from state and federal sources.
                   Availability of volunteer resources.

                   15. What are the overall Project Management Objectives?

                   Chevron is to complete its expenditures prior to the April 1999 deadline.
                   To the extent possible, Chevron will provide a well planned project definition and partner
                   with the city for its completion.

                   A3  Scope of Work

                   1. What are the physical deliverables that will be produced by the project?

                   Historic Park.
                   Restored artifacts.
                   Parking Lot ADA compliant.
                   Trails, Picnic benches, Scout camping area or meeting grounds.
                   Fencing, Lighting
                   Signs indicating the function of structures and facilities.
                   Road into area.

                   2. What necessary or desirable physical deliverables are currently excluded from the
                   project's scope of work?

                   Due to Chevron's funding commitment, most of the project will be completed by others.
                   Paving of road.
                   Parking lot is being build by other parities.

                   3. What are the major activities that are included in the project's scope of work?

                   Eagle Scout participation in trail building.
                   Layout/plot plan of park.
                   Design of signs.
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