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                  File No. 55396.01
                                                      September 7, 2017

                  VIA EXPRESS MAIL

                  California Attorney General's Office
                  Registry of Charitable Trusts
                  P.O. Box 903447
                  Sacramento, CA 94203-4470

                               Re:    Dissolution of Santa Clarita Water Company
                                      EIN: 95-6036165
                                      Registration Number: CT0203759

                        Our firm represents the above-referenced nonprofit Corporation.  The Corporation has no
                  assets  to  distribute,  and  we therefore  respectfully  request  a dissolution  waiver letter  from  the
                  Attorney General confirming that the Corporation has no assets.  We submit the following:

                        1.     Copy of the Articles of Incorporation filed June 11, 1956 and all amendments;

                        2.     The Corporation has one Member, Castaic Lake Water Agency.  The Member and
                  Board of Directors determined by unanimous vote that it was in the best interests to dissolve
                  effective October 31, 2017.  Enclosed is a copy of the Certificate of Dissolution signed by all of
                  the members of the Board of Directors;

                        3.     The Corporation is a special district of government that is required to file with the
                  State  Controller’s  Division  of  Local  Government  Fiscal  Affairs  on  Form  LGFA  80.  (Annual
                  Report of Financial Transactions of Special Districts).  The Corporation does not have an annual
                  reporting requirement with the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts. A copy of the
                  letter dated  February 10, 2014 from the California Department  of Justice  confirming that the
                  Corporation  is  not  required  to  file  annual  reports  with  the  Attorney  General’s  Registry  of
                  Charitable Trusts is attached; and

                        4.     The Corporation has been inactive since August 31, 1998. Copies of the Financial
                  Statements for the last three accounting periods—December 31, 1996, December 31, 1997, and
                  through August 31, 1998 are enclosed. Also enclosed is the 2006 Form 1120 showing no activity.


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