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                     siz.e  and Natural  Boundari es

                            The  re·gion under  cons·ideration  is roughl.y

                     triangular  1n  ·shape,,  the  base  or  the  triangle

                     being  formed  by- t he  f,anta  Clara  River  Valley  on  the

                     n·orth  and · the  two  sides  by  the  crystalline  mass  o'f

                     the  san  Gabriel  .Mts.  and  the  lowlands  between  Saugus

                     and  Newha 11.

                            The  area  of  th1 s  triangle  is  approximately

                     20  to  25  square  milea.,  most  of which  was  covered

                     by  the  w~it er  dur~mg  the  course  ~ the  field wor k.

                     Purpose ·ot J:nv~stigat1on
                            This  investigation was  carried  out  in  IJ1.rtial

                     fulf1.llment  of too  requirements  for  the  d.egree  of
                     Master of  Science  at  tbe  Caliro  n ia  lnst1tute  or

                     T·eebno1ogy.  The  work  forms. a  unit  1n  an  extensive
                     areal mapping  program  designed  to  cever  those

                     portions  ~ the  Santa  Clara  River  basin  lying  between
                     tbe  san  Gabriel  Mt s.  on  t he  south  and 'the  erysta.111:ne

                     massif  extending  eastward  from  Liebre  Mountain on  the

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