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·  ·  n of D   is to pro  ct Calif. mia'  people and environment from harmful  ffects oft xic sub  tanc  b,  restoring coownin-ated resourc~,
              enforcing hazardous waste la   reducm  hazardous w.1ste gene.ratio~ and encouraging the manufacture  f chemicall  afer prodocts.

                                 Whittaker-Bermite Facility

           21116 West Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita CA

        The  Whitaker-B  rmite  Facility  is  in  Santa  Oarita,  at
        22116   est  oledad Canyon Road occupie  about 996
        acre . The Facility, started making dynamite in the earl
        1930s.  Later,  fireworks  and  oil  field  e .. tplosives  were
        made at the site.

        Product  lines  grew  to  flares,  photoflash  device  for
        battlefield illumination  and  other  explosive  . Between
        1967  and  198  ,  the  Facility  a  embled  20-millimeter
        (mm)  and  30-mm  ammunition  rounds,  detonator ,
        fu  es,  boo  ter ,  flares  and  signal  cartridge ,  rocket
        motors, and missile main charges.

        The  Facility  made  many  products  for  the  U.S.
        Department of Defense.  This  affected  the  number
        of  staff,  buildings  needed,  turnover  of  building
        usage,  chemicals  used,  and  waste  by-products
                                                                            Soil treatment compound and treatment cells
        generated.  Some  products  were  made  in  mall
                                                                                        for bio-treatment of perchlorate
        quantities  on an  a -needed  basi , while  others were
        mass-produced.  Other  products  remained  in
        re  earch and development stages.
                                                                 The manufacturing and  te  ting op  ra ·  n  cea ed in 19  7
                                                                 and dee  mmissioning and cleanup  of the production and
                                                                 assembly  buildings  that  had    tarted  during  1980s
                                                                 continued  under  the  ownership  of  anta  Clarita  LLC
                                                                 (SCLLC)  which had purcha ed  the site  for a plann  d mix
                                                                 use de  elopment,  After  CI.LC defaulted, Whittaker took
                                                                 on the responsibility of  ite cleanup that continues to date.

                                                                 The  996-acre   hittaker-Bermite Facilit   ite i  bound by
                                                                 Bouqu<!t  Canyon R oad/ R  ilro  d A  enue  to  tbe we  r>  We  t
                                                                  Sol  d  d  Canyon  R  ad to  th  north, and Golden  V  11  y
                                                                 Road to  the east.

        Image Source: Google Earth
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