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                             WHITTAKER-BERMITE SITE CLEANUP

        What are  the health risks?

        Th  r  ar  n  curr  nt health ri k  £ r p  ple living, w  rking  r g  in  to  ch  1 near th   ite.  1 anup of the
        contaminant  will pr  ent th  p  tentiaJ  f;  r exp  sure in th  future.

        Is my water safe to drink?
        Ye  .  nvir  nmental and public h  alth a  enci  have water quality  tandard  in  rd  r t  pr  tect con  umer  and
         n  ure public health and  a£  ty. All drinking warer mu  t  b   fa quality that meets the  e high standards. Santa Clarita
          all  ' drinkin  wat  r i  te  t  d  thr  u  hout th  y  ar and i  safe to drink. F  rm  re in£  rmation about your drinking
         ater quality call  our water c  mpan  or go to the Ca taic Lak  Water Agency at wv.-w.clwgt. _ r
        Can  winds blow contaminants into my neighborhood?

        Cl  anup  f the  oil  i  curr  ml  underway and i  car  full  monit  r  d t  en ure public safety. If c  ndition  become
        windy  the cleanup op  ration i  t  pped. If y  u ha  e an  c  ncerns during high wind  , call the City of Santa Clarita at
        661-259- ITY (24  9).

        Is  storm  water coming from  the Site  contaminated?

         t  rm water and  oil  ro i  n are captured on-site. The water is pumped t  a treatment  stem and contaminant  are
        rem  ed. The clean  d wa er i  relea  ed int  the  anta Clara Riv  r under a p  rmit with th  Lo  Angele  R  gi  nal
        Water Quality Control B  ard.

        Who is pa,ying for  the cleanup?
        Whittaker C  rporation i  paying D r th  cleanup.

        What will happen  to  the property after it is  cleaned up?
        DT  C i  onl  re  pon ibl  for the cl  anup  f the  it  .  ur g  al i  t  pr  tect public h  alth and envir  nm  ntal
        re ourc  . \1   d  n  t d  cid  what happen  t  th  pr  petty after cl  anup i  c  mpleted. Th   ity of  anta Clarita i  the
        public agenc  that ha  juri  dicti  n   er futur  land u   f th   ite. F  r qu  ti  ns or c  mm  nt  ab  ut the futur  u ·e
         f th  cl  aned pr  perty contact the  ity  f  anta  larita Plannin  Departrn  nt at 661- 259- ITY (2489).
        Who  can  I  contact for more information?

        If  u ha  e any  u  ti  n   r w  uJd like t  be add  d  t  th  mailin  li  t,   ntact Sr. Pr  j  ct  an g  r J   Diaz at (  1  )
         17-6614  r j  e.diaz  d  o,  or Public Participati  n  peciali  t Amanda D  min  u  z at (323)  6  5-7125  r
        amanda.dominguez  dt
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