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P.O.  Box  1171                                                                      April-May-June 2019
      Lancaster,  California 93584                                                            Volume 35, Number 2

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       Owl and the Bear 2019
                                                                Owl and  the Bear 2019                      1 - 2
                                                                Save the Date - Celebration                     2
                                                                FAVIM Annual Meeting                            2
       A total of 33  people enjoyed this year's
       performance of The Owl and the Bear on                   FAVIM Meeting Speaker Kat High                  3
                                                                Friends of AVIM Directors 2017-2018             3
       Saturday, May 4.  Outdoor' plays are always ~t
       the mercy of the weather, and the week pnor              AVIM Contact Info & FAVIM Membership            4
       to the performance included heat, strong
       wind  and even a few drops of rain. As the
       start' of the play approached at 7:00 pm,  it                    http://www. a vim. parks. ca. gov/info. shtm l
       cooled down to a comfortable temperature,
       and  most importantly, the wind quit, creating
                                                                Initially, Austin was not enthusiastic about play
       perfect conditions to view the play.
                                                                rehearsals keeping him away from his video
                                                                games.  However,  by the evening of the
       We had originally hoped to put on the Seven
                                                                performance, he had become a leader for the
       Sisters play this year,  but unfortunately, we
                                                                other actors,  helping them with their lines and
       were unable to recruit enough actors (it needs
                                                                keeping the younger actors focused.
       15). Museum  maintenance aide Denny Andreoni
       was instrumental in casting this year's play.  He
                                                                When it looked like we were not going to have
       recruited his nephews Austin Szintai to play
                                                                enough actors to do the play at all, Blake
       Coyote and Blake Bonafede to play the lead  .
                                                                encouraged his best friend Orayah Stevensen
       rabbit. Although Blake is too young to read,  h1s
                                                                to join the cast as a second rabbit. The play
       mother helped him memorize the lines through
                                                                really started to come together when Orayah's
       oral repetition. Go Mom!
                                                                big sister Savannah Murga volunteered to take
                                                                on the starring role of Muhu the Owl.

                                                                We still had three roles to fill,  but fortunately,
                                                                I met the Batu f amity one Sunday in the
                                                                museum.  Sienna and Shannon  Batu were really
                                                                excited to join the play as Deer and Eagle,

                                                                Finally, we needed a bear,  so  Blake and
                                                                Austin's mom, Chelsie Szintai,  recruited
                                                                Princess Mayfield, the daughter of one of her
              The Cast of Owl and the Bear 2019
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