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FAVIM Bulletin

          Rabbits Blake and Orayah and Deer Sienna                 Shannon the Eagle and Austin the Coyote
                  wonder,  "Where is Muhu?"                                   can't find Muhu either

        Princess is very enthusiastic, and she  learned          The success of the evening was rounded out by
        the part of Xus the Bear in just three weeks!           Maria Farias and her family offering tamales
                                                                 and tacos for sale.  Yum!
        The day of the performance,  poor Savannah
        came down with laryngitis! Not only did                  The cast and visitors enjoyed the museum
        Savannah's part, Muhu the Owl,  have the most            before and after the performance. Thank you
        lines, but she also had to sing the Chumash              to-volunteers Oarrel-l-Waltefs and Mkhiko , -   n   •  •
        Welcoming Song multiple times.  To save  her             Shimuzu and Park Aide Caroline Gaete for
        voice, at the last minute I decided to" teach the        staffing the museum during the event.  Darrell
        Chumash Welcoming Song to the audience and               also took the photographs that accompany this
        ask them to help Savannah by singing with her.           article. Thank you to FAVIM Board Members
        This was a big success,  as the audience                 Don  Borchers and Betsy Matheny for staffing
        enjoyed participating.                                   the "box office."

                                                                 Save the Date - Annual Celebration
                                                                            BY MUSEUM CURATOR I,  PEGGY  RONNING

                                                                 This year,  the museum's American Indian
                                                                 Celebration will be October 19 and 20,  2019.
                                                                 Come out to enjoy Native music,  art, and food.

          Savannah the Owl shortly before she gets
                  hugged by Princess the Bear
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