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                 Antelope Valley Indian Museum
                                                                Your Membership Is  Important To FAVIM
                       State Historic Park
                          Is  located at:                       FAVIM  raises funds to support Projects and
                      15701  East Avenue M                      Activities at Antelope Valley Indian Museum.
                       Lancaster,  CA 93534                     Membership is renewed each September,  except in
         (Avenue M between 150    th  St.  & 170 th   St.  East)   the case of Life Membership.
                                                                    Please make membership checks payable to
                      Phone:  661-946-3055                          "Friends of the Antelope Valley Indian Museum"
                                                                    (or "FAVIM"),  and return to:  P.O.  Box 1171,
                                                                    Lancaster,  CA 93584.
                                                                If you are not yet a member, and would  like to
                                                                support the Indian Museum,  and receive a quarterly
                                                                FAVIM  Bulletin,  and also receive a 10%  Discount
                                                                with Membership Card to use in the FAVIM Gift
                                                                Shop,  please send your check to the above address.
                                                                Select BULLETIN  Delivery Option:
                                                                    •   either Email - provide Email address
                         We're on the Web!
                                                                    •   or USPS  Postal mail
                            Visit  us at:                       Dues:
                                                                  Individual  $  15       Organization  $  35
                                                                  Family      $  20       Patron          $  50
                   and FAVIM  is  now on Facebook                 Life        $ 200
             http://www. face book. com IA VlndianMuseum        If your name or address is not correct,  or you have
                                                                moved, or you just need information about the
                                                                Park or FAVIM,  please call 661-946-3055.

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