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                                                                 We  maxed-out our vendor space this year with
                                                                 fifteen vendor booths and five information
                                                                 booths.  New and returning vendors included By
                                                                 Blood Creations, Cathy Bellas,  Circling Hawk
                                                                 Creations,  Danza Azteca Xochipilli, Ed  & Judy
                                                                 Einboden, Carlos & Sonia Gutierrez,  Rowan
                                                                 Harrison, Candice Hixenbaugh,  Keith
                                                                 Longf eather, Maria Martinez & Esther Lugo,
                                                                 Connie Marie Ramos,  Sacred Creations,  Sage
                                                                 Romero, Ana Tachyn-Crisol,  and Michael Chas
                                                                 Williams. Mike Thompson provided flint
                                                                 knapping demonstrations.

                                                                 Torres Martinez TANF,  Best Start Lancaster,
                                                                 the California Native Vote Project, and  United
                                                                 American Indian Involvement provided
                                                                 information about their services. The vendors
                                                                 donated beautiful items for the FAVIM raffle.
                                                                 FAVIM also purchased many items from the
                                                                 vendors to restock the museum gift shop,  so if
                                                                 you  missed the Celebration this year, you can
                                                                 still experience the vendors' art in the gift

        The event would not have been possible
        without the support of FAVIM Board member
        Cydnee Ashmore who not only recruited the
        MC,  the drum, and many of the dancers,  but
        she also prepared the food for the dancers.
        Her daughters Katianna,  Caitlin, and Kaelene
        provided assistance in the dance arena.  FAVIM
        board member John Martin also played a key
        role by managing the PA system and photo
        documenting the event.

        This year we received a request to provide
       American Sign  Language (ASL)  interpreters for
        a family visiting the event.  Fortunately,
       Cydnee Ashmore's daughter Katianna is
        majoring in Deaf Studies at Antelope Valley
        College. They introduced me to Kyle Laitinen
        (Mescalero/Echota /Dine),  a ParaEducator/
       Translator for the Deaf who is also related to
       them by clan.  Kyle facilitated hiring ASL
        Interpreters Linda Cruz and Angie Castellon.
       Thanks to everyone's efforts, the family had a
       blast at the event.                                                   Adrian Thunder Garcia
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