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P. 11

The  steadily  increasing  complexity  of  life  in  modern  times
                        places  a  growing  burden  on  the schools which  try to  prepare  young
                        people for  successful  living  in the  best  and  broadest sense.  It is  the
                        aim  of  our  High  School  to  give  not  only  the  necessary  information
                        and training which our  young  people will  need to  meet the  competi-
                        tion  of  our  day,  but  to  develop  in  their  characters  a  sense  of  civic
                        responsibility  that  they  may  play  a  proper  part  in  the  work  of  a
                        Christian  democracy.
                                                        Mr. w.  R.  Hull

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