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                            MARVIN  STURGEON                                 President
                            CARROLL  Ball                                     Finance
                            Verna  Stoll                                        Editor
                            Richard  ELKINS                                   Athletics
                            JOH N  ALLEE                                    Advertising
                            Earl  Maltby                                  Entertainment
                            MADGE  w !LEMAN                                     Clerk

                        The  commissioners  have  not  over-worked  themselves  this  year.  Of  course,  a
                    person  couldn't say  they were  lazy,  but  the  work has  not been  hard.  All  it  included
                    was  the  okaying  of  bills,  writing  up  minutes,  presenting  of  school  letters,  and  some
                    energetic  advertising.  In  writing  up  the  minutes  of  the  not  infrequent  commissioner
                    meetings,  the  clerk  probably  did  not  include  that  play  was  mixed  with  work  when
                    such  an  important  council  convened.  Besides  this,  the  entertainment  committee  had
                    a  few  odds  and  ends  to  labor  over;  then,  naturally  whenever  there  was  a  Student
                    Body  assembly,  the  president took  charge.

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