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           Music is the art and science of combining vocal       Music is a powerful force  driving ever deeper
           and instrumental sounds  or tones  in  varying        into every aspect of our lives, and it cannot be
           harmony and rhythm,  especially so as to  form        ignored.  Though  our  tastes  in  music  may
           structurally complete and emotionally expres-         change  from  decade  to  decade,  the  flair  for
           sive  compositions.  Ironic  how  something  as       musical harmony will always be present in our
           complicated as music thrives in every aspect of       society.  As  we  graduate
           our lives. As high school students,  we wake to       from  high  school  and
           it, jog to it, and even drive to it.  We bring it to   move  into  the  eighties,
           the  beach,  and  we  bring  it  to  the  slopes.     our music, appearance, and values will change
            Whether we are aware of it or not,  music en-        - "It'll Be Just Like Starting Over,, . .. because
            compasses every aspect of our lives; and,  con-      we CAN'T STOP  THE  MUSIC!
            sequently,  it  materalizes  into  the  essence  of
            society's individuality.  Music,  however,  is not
            simply another means of entertainment-it is a
            way of life, our way of life.  It can have a phys-
            ical impact causing us to laugh or cry.  In  fact,
            its emotional appeal prompts many individuals
            to invest large sums of money in appreciation
            of musical talent.
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