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Mr.  Al  Weil  presents Ramon  Reyes
                                                                                with  a  Hart  Olyrn~s  medal  while
                                                                                (above)  students  display  authentic
                                                                                Olympic flag.

                      Olympic                   ~ome things  never  change.         his  teammates and  countrymen.
                                                The roar of a  crowd-packed coli-   In  this changing world, few  tradi-
                               Spirit           seum. The expression of sheer de-   tions have escaped the truncating
                                                termination on an athlete's face as
                                                                                    hand  of  modernization.  Most
                                                he  reaches  his  absolute  physical   have  been  deemed  unnecessary
                                                limitations,  then  thrusts  himself   of  foolish  by  the  modern  world,
                        Endures  beyond them. The thrill of victory                 then  have  been  discarded,  no
                                                that a nation experiences when its   matter  how  long  they  have  been
                                                athletes  outperform  their  com-   in  service.  But  the  traditions  of
                                                petitors. The agony of defeat that   the  Olympic  Games,  established
                                                only an  athlete  can  feel  when  he   in Rome and revived at the begin-
                                                fails  to  fulfill  the  expectations  of   ning  of  this  century,  have  with-

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