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Continued                                  the 1984 Olympiad was no farther    citywide cultural events that com-
                                                than the living room television set   memorated  the  event,  such  as
             Way  in  Baldwin  Hills,  paved  in   -  complete  coverage  of  all   concerts,  art  shows  and  museum
             1930 to commemorate the Olym-      Olympic events was  offered for  a   exhibits displaying Olympis relics.
             pic  Games.                        total of 207 and one eighth hours,
                                                over an eighteen day  period, by a   As America prepared itself for the
             Of  course,  few  Hart  students   national  television  station.  Those   twenty-first century in  1984, it un-
             missed  the  1984  Olympiad  -     students who did travel to Los An-  derwent  many  changes.  Students
             nearly  every  student  was  able  to   geles  were able  to  buy  souvenirs   graduated,  countries  threatened
             experience the Summer Games in     such as tee shirts and coffee mugs   each other, much-loved role mo-
             one way  or another.  Yet  few  stu-  with  Sam,  the  Olympic  Eagle,  on   dels  died  and  made  way  for  new
             dents  actually  ventured  into  the   them.                           role  models.  Weighed  down  by
             traffic-congested  city  of  Los  An-                                  the  threat  of  recessions,  depres-
             geles to see the Games.  For  most,   Others  attended  the  various   sions,  world  wars  and  cold  wars,

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