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                                         AT  SANTA  CLARITA

                   September 17, 2002

                   Mr. Leon Worden
                   Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society
                   P.O. Box 221925
                   Newhall, CA 91322

                   Dear Leon:

                   You have requested that we respond to the Santa Clarita Historical Society letter of May
                   7, 2002 prior to the Society's consideration of an endorsement of the Needham Ranch

                   We, like the Society, appreciate the historical significance of the Needham Ranch with
                   the old Southern Pacific Tunnel, the Pioneer Oil Refinery and the site of the H. Clay
                   Needham residence, as well as its location adjacent to Heritage Junction, Beale's Cut, the
                   site of Lyon's Station and Hart Park These sites undoubtedly represent the largest
                   concentration of significant historical locations in the Santa Clarita Valley.

                   As you know, our family's resources are limited and as we progressed through the six
                   hearings before the Planning Commission we attempted to identify those areas in which
                   we were prepared to provide land and/or financial assistance. The Commission likewise
                   made an effort to prioritize the benefits that it thought were important to the City
                   considering the constraints. At the conclusion of the Planning Commission process the
                   Commission unanimously recommended the project for approval by the City Council and
                   identified the following benefits that we would provide:
                    1.  The dedication to the City of a Park /wildlife corridor of237+ acres.
                    2.  The construction and dedication to the City of 16,000 lineal feet of trails and
                        sidewalks connecting Hart Park, Heritage Junction, the Pioneer Oil Refinery, the
                        Southern Pacific Tunnel and the Park.
                    3.  The dedication of 1. 3 acres contiguous to the Pioneer Oil Refinery for parking and
                        an improved entrance.
                    4.  Providing sidewaiks, curbs, paved street access and liandscaping to the Pioneer Oil
                    5.  $1,943,000 in cash to be divided between the Pioneer Oil Refinery, Community
                        Center, Park 'n Ride and a Pedestrian Overpass across San Fernando
                        Road/Beautification of San Fernando Road.
                    6.  $50,000 for a community entrance sign in the vicinity of San Fernando Road and
                        Sierra Highway.
                    7.  A vocational school site of 9 .4 acres for the Hart ·school District.
                    8.  A Los Angeles County fire station site.
                    9.  A helipad site for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
                    10. Improved frontages along Sierra Highway and San Fe;nando Road with landscaping.
          700 Emerson Street
          Palo Alto, CA 9430 l
          Telephone (650) 614-6234
          Facsimile (650) 326-2920

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