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                                                   OF  NEWHALL
                       1880s  Rev.  F.D.  Seward(Synodical  Missionary)  preaches  at  Southern

                                Hotel  in  Newhall,.  Newhall  Refinery,  Pico  Oil  Fields.
                       1889     Newhall  citizens  ask  Rev.  Seward  about  a  church  in August  and
                                September,"Did  not  seem  best  at  that  time."
                       1891     May  31.  Rev.  F.D.  Seward  organises  a  church  known  as  First
                                Presbyterian  Church  of  Newhall.  Members  are:

                                  Alex  I.  Fraser ~  Mrs.  Maggie  Fraser;  Samuel  c.  arid  Callie  Grier;
                                   Mrs.  Flo :.- B.  Arnott;  Alex  and  Annie  Hume;Henry  and  Ellen  Miller;
                                   Mrs.  Barbara  B.  Lane;  Miss  Lill ie  M.  Miller;  Mrs.  R.D.  Shyrock;
                                   Mrs.  Mary  I.  Mendenhall;  P.V.  Kinnear;  Mrs.  Ella  Drew;  Mrs.Ward.
                                   Ruling  Elders  were  Alexander  Hume  and  P.V.  Kinnear

                                June  7.  Rev.  Seward  baptised  Stella,Almer  Pearl,Jessie  Ethel  and
                                Flora  Belle,  chil dren  of  Mrs.  and  Mrs.  Grier,at  Newhall  Elementry.

                                July  4.  George  H.Newhall,  Sect.  of  Newhall  Land  and  Farmin.g,donates
                                100  by  150  feet  plot  facing  Newhall  Ave.  in  townsite  of  Newhall
                                to  the  church.
                                 August  1.  c.s.  Hogan  of  Pacpima  begans  construction  of  church.

                                 September  15.  Church  completed.  Cost  $1225.
                                 October  11.  Church  dedicated,  deb.t  free.  Ed  Pardee  donates

                       1893      January  1.  Rev.  H.P.  Wilber  arrives.  He  goes  to  Europe  in  1894,
                                 return.s  in  1895  and  retires  July  of  1897.
                       1897      The  97  Home  Missionarys  in  Minrnesota  gave  more  to  the  church
                                  than a~  e~ual  numbe~  in  Ca l ifornia-inbfact  3  times  as  much.
                       1904        June  7.  rnomas  ~.  ~~ew  becomes  a  mem  er.
                       1908      Henry  Clay  Needham  and  rl .  Clay  Wiley  elected  Elders.  A.  Hume
                                 Associate  Member  and  Clerk  of  the  Sessions.  Embark  on  an
                                 anti-saloon  campaign.
                                         Wi ,,·e
                       1909      J •R•  W±t-i,;ey,  Pastor

                       1910      Manse  built  at  cost  of  $572.58
                                          (A '  • )  t
                       1913      Rev.  Whitdey retires.
                       1914       July  5.  Rev-.  Wolcott  •  Evans  appoimted  Pastor.Congregationmka.d
                                  bee:rn  rapped  for  poor  record  keeping.  Catholic  Church  built.  Dr.
                                  Evans  be came  "The  Litt le  Shepard  Of  The  tli lls ''.  xie  came  from

                                  Calvary  Presbyterian  Church  of  Wilmington.
                       1916.      Manse  enlarged.  3  Elders,  5  trustees,23  ~embers  ,jO  i n  hurch
                                  Blanch  Sha f fer  passed  away.  Frank  .Shaffer  married  her  si ster.
                       1917        32  members.  Frank  Hovey  replaced  Mr.  Wiley  as  Elder.
                       1921        Communion  services  held  im  Saugus.Alex  Hume  died  March  2a.
                                   All  Newhall  businesses  cl ose  in  his  honor.  Hume  never  ordained
                                   for  s ome  reason.  Don  Frew  accepted  on  Sept.17.  41  members.

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