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August  23,1990

                                                                                Jerry  Reynolds
                                         RECORDS  SEARCH

             Square  nails  and  the  use  of  rip  saws  on  the  timbers  suggest  a
             construction  date  prior  to  the  1890s  for  part  of  the  building.

             Bricks  stamped  "J.Mullally             Los  Angeles"  also  testify  to  a  mid-
             19th  century  date.
                 Joseph  Mullally  and  his  associates,Porter  and  Ayers  erected
             some  of  the  first  brick  buildings  in  Los  Angeles  in  1853.  By
            October  of  1869  he  had  a  brickyard  by  the  Jewish  Cemetary  with
             two  kilns  with  a  capacity  of  225,000.

                                                            SOURCE:  Harris  Newmark
                                                            "Sixty  Years  in  Southern

            A  map  of  the  Rancho  San  Francisco,dated  1870,  shows  three  str-
            uctures  at  the  Newhall  Ranch  House  site.  One  is  labeled  "The
            old  ranch  house \ ,  which  is  the  Asistencia  site  on  the  hill.The
            other  two  are  not  marked,  however  one  is  part  way  down  the  hill
            and  is  the  old  milk  house.  The  third  is  marked  exactly  where  the
            Newhall  Ranch  House  stood  until  August  14,1990.

                                                            SOURCE:  L..F.,  Coope:r ,~.,._C.E ..
                                                                        HIRanclio  San  Francisco
                                                                        As  Partitioned  January
                                                                        A •. D •.  1870,.

             "It  was  not  until  the  autumn  of  1878  when  (Henry  Mayo)  Newhall
            and  his  son(Henry  Gregory  Newhall)  set  up  their  headquarters  in
            a  frame  house  that  had  been  built  to  replace  the  old  Del  Valle
            Ranch  House ... standing  today  at  the  location  of  the  feed  yards
             (now  Magic  Mountain  overflow  parking  lot).Newhall  dammed  the
            stream  and  installed  one  thousand  feet  of  pipe  to  the  house."

                                                           SOURCE  Ruth  W.  Newhall
                                                                     "The  Newhall  Ranch"

            " ... on  the  Southern  Pacific  Line  where  the  Newhall  Ranch  now
            stands."                                                        1890
                                                           SOURCE:  Maj.  Horace  Bell
                                                                      "On  The  Old  West  Coast"

            "In  1893  the  Board  of  Directors(  of  Newhall  Land  and  Farming)
            approved  an  expenditure  of  $3,500  to  build  a  residence  on  the
            ranch,  which  was  a  major  expense  for  those  people."

                                                         SOURCE:  Ruth  W.  Newhall
                                                                     Minutes  of  Board  Meetings
                                                                     at  Newhall  Land.

                                                                     Personal  Communication
                                                                          August  21  ,1990
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