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SANTA  Clarita  Valley   Historical   Society


                                                 ARTICLE  I  - NAME  AND  purposes

                       Section  1.  Name
                       The  name  of  the  corporation,  incorporated  under  the  laws  of  california,
                       December  12,  1975,  incorporation  file  number  759822  shall  be:

                                           Santa   Clarita  VALLEY  HIS'IORICAL  Society

                       Section  2.  Purposes

                       The  purposes  of  the  Society are  to  stimulate  public  interest  in  the
                       history  of  the Santa  Clarita Valley  and surroundirg  areas,  to  collect  and
                       preserve the  facts  and  artifacts  pertinentthereto,  and  to  engage  in  other
                       activities  related to  that  history,  or  as  otherwise  set  forth  in  the

                                                ARTICLE  II  - BOARD  OF  DIRECTORS

                       Section  1.  Authority and  Responsibility

                       The  Board  acts  to govern  the Society on  behalf of the general  membership.
                       The  Board  is  responsible  for  establishing policies  necessary  to  achieve
                       the  purposes  of the  Society.  Among  its specific duties  are:

                           A.  Establish  policies  for  the  management  of  the Society.

                           B.  Approve  the  nomination  by  the  President  of  conmittee  functions  and

                           C.  Review  and  act  upon  the  recorrmendations  of  the  Executive  and  other

                           D.   Be  responsibile  for  the  collection,  custody  and  expenditure  of

                           E.  Provide  prudent  cash  reserve.

                           F.  Provide  for  an  annual  review and/or  atrlit  of  the Society's  books.

                           G.  Elect  directors  to  fill  vacancies  on  the  Board  between  regular

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