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the mansion to his son. His son introduced  two
         bathrooms, one upstairs and one down, and the
         Warring family, who bought the house in 1912,
         added a  third bath  in  the 1940s.

           THE PRESENT OWNERS, Mr. and Mrs. Scott
         Newhall, bought the mansion from the Warring
         estate in 1968. They went slowly about install-
         ing  wainscoting,  papering,  and finally  were
         modernizing  the  kitchen  and  painting  the
         exterior in 1980-81.  In February 1981  a  spark
         from  a  painter's  torch  apparently  escaped
         under the eaves to the attic, and the mansion
         burned to the ground. By the time the debris (86
         dumpsters full of remains)  was carted away,
         nothing remained but the floor tile, the stone
         work, the lower two-thirds of the tower, and
         two  chimneys.

           GUIDED BY PHOTOGRAPHS contributed by
         many visitors to the mansion, and by the expert
         knowledge of people who had helped maintain
         and  restore  it  over  the  years,  the  Newhalls
         began reconstruction.

           COMPLETION of the rebuilt mansion  took
         two and one-half years. The materials, includ-
         ing  all-redwood  exterior  siding,  the  stained
         glass, the tile patterns in the floors,  and the
         carved wood of the original have been faithful-
         ly reproduced. Thanks to skilled and imagina-
         tive artisans, some additional design elements
         (like the library ceiling) have been added. One
         of  the  additions  is  the  bird,  carved  from ,
         redwood,  atop  the  small  tower  on  the  west
         front, where before the fire was an ejgg-shaped
         finial.  The  bird is  a  sympolic phoenix rising
         from  the ashes.

           WITH RARE EXCEPTIONS, the furniture is
         antique, as are the chandeliers. The design of
         the kitchen is new, as are the bathrooms-one
         for each bedroom. The fire made it possible to
         install modern heating and air conditioning, so
         that the owners were able to combine the best
         of Victorian  with  the  best of modern living.
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