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~Gme __ C_I T_Y_H_O_O_D _______ - Project __ G_E_T_C_O_N_T_R_O_L _____ _                         pg_l_ot_2 _

                     MS- TALENT  ON  CAMERA                      Every  year  millions  of  dollars  are
                     WITH  SANTA  CLARITA                        leaving  this  valley,
                     VALLEY  IN  BACKROUND-
                     ZOQM.  IN  TO  CU

                     LS  OF  CONGESTED  STREET                 ~oney  that  is  needed  to  build  roads

                      LS  OF  DILAPIDATED,                     and  redevelop  communities.
                      rwN  DOWN  STREET

                       CU  OF  TALENT                          You  can  keep  this  tax  surplus  here  in
  -                                                            the  Santa  Clarita  Valley  by  voting  yes
  0-                                                           on  cityhood.  Voting  yes  means  more
                                                               representation  and  accountability.

 I                                                                       ----·----·-
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