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In  presenting  for  your  enjoyment,  this  midget race_,'  the
                          first  in Southern California since 1942, the promoters, Bob

                       '  Ware and Dave Crosley, wish to  acknowledge with sincere

                          appreciation, the  kind help and faithful  efforts of all those
                          who  have given their time  and trouble  to  help  make these

                          races a success.  May we especially express o~r gratitude to
                          Bill Bone//£, owner of the stadium, who has so concieritiously

                          tried to  make  everything  comfortable  for  all  and  who  has
                          ~one more than  his share _in making this venture  possible;

                          to  Att Turner, chief steward of the United Racing Associa-
                          tion, whose tireless  efforts in  behalf of the members of the

                          racing  fraternity  are  finally  bearing  fruit  in  the  organiza-
                          tion  of an  association  that  really  functions  for  the  benefit

                          of racing at large; to all the members of the ,association who
                          strive to give you, the public, the best of entertainment; and

                          may we thank you, the public at large,  for  your attendance
                          he,:e today.  Without you our success is not possible.  If at

                          any  time  you  have  suggestions  which  you  believe  would
                          help  us  to  improve  our  shows,  they  will  be  gratefully  re-

                          ceived.  In closing it_ is our sincere wish that this first  pro-
                          gram  be  dedicated to  a man who spent four  years  overuas

                          fighting the I aps.  A  man who participated in at least  f o-ur
                         invasions of enemy held territory,_ and who  has returned to

                          help  us  make  racing  possible  again.  And so,  ladies  and
                          gentlemen, we dedicate this program to

                                                STAN  SEARL


                                                                DAVE CROSLEY.

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