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Fords  and  Thickstun
                                                Equipment  GO TOCJether!
                                                   SOLD  BY ALL FORD  DEALERS
                                               A  PICTURE  OF  DYNAMITE  ACCELERATION  AND  JET
                                               PROPULSION  SPEED.  Illustration  showing  complete  in-
                                               stallation  of  Thlckstun  equipment  for  VB  Ford  and  Mer-
                                               cury  engine~  The  dual  carburetor  manifold  surmounted
                                               by  the  air  cleaner  and  silencer.  The  cylinder  heads  and
                                               splash  covers.
                                                      FOLDER  MAILED  ON  REQUEST
                                               Thickstun  Manufacturing  Co.
                                               132  So.  El  Paseo  Redondo  Beach  8782  Redondo  Beach

                              R O S T E R -     Continued  .
       No.    DRIVER                     Qualrfylng Time    OWNER

       59   John  Garrett                               Ken  Yadon
       60   Jim  Springfield                            Howard  Holmes
       63                                               Dave  Dutro
       71   Peewee  Lynch                               Peewee  Lynch
       74   Russ  Fields                                Famighetti  Bros.
       76   Cal  Kent
       82   Bob  Lane
       83   Harry  Ross                                 Harry  Ross
       84   Joe  Perkins
       86   Johnny  Diaz
       87   Dean  Meltzer                               Dean  Meltzer
       94                                               Clyde  Lynch
       95   Burton  Spickler
       99   Frank  Brewer                               Frank  Brewer
      104   Bob  Barker
      109   Doc  Harvey
      124   Danny Oakes                                                 ,

      FLAGS       GREEN:  Start             YELLOW:  Proceed  With  Caution
                  RED:  Stop  Immediately   BLUE:  One  More  Lap
                  WHITE:  Go To  Pits       CHECKER:  Finish
                  YELLOW WITH  BLUE  CENTER:  Permit Overtaking Car To  Pass

   "The  Choice  of  the  Cham pi, ns

  Now ready to serve the racing   manufacture of racing pistons.    Ifs 10-1 thewinnerisJahm
  fraternit:y better than ever, with a   Compltte engineering  itnd  con-  equipped-the first 10 C'
  new plant devoted entirely to the   sultation service.   '        at Indianapolis were·
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