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                                                    A Bluff  IS  Called

                                                           LADY LUCK deals Bret Ma.verick
                                                           a strange hand ... one that means
                                                           plenty of  trouble!

                                                           But as a man of chance, he faces
                                                           the  situation,  stacking  his skills
                                                           against  desperate  odds;

                                                     and  with  the  help  of  a  strange
                                                     companion, he carries the battle to
                                                     the desert and a hot, dry reckoning!

          MAVERICK,  No.  930.  Published  by  Dell  Publishing  Co.,  Inc.,  750  Third  Ave.,  New  York  17,  N .  Y .;  George  T.  Delacorte,  Jr.,
          Publisher;  Helen  Meyer,  President;  Paul  R.  L illy,  Executive  Vice-President;  Harold  Clark,  Vice-Pres.-Advertising  Director;  Albert
          P .  Delacorte,  Treasurer.  ©  1958,  by  Warner  Bros.  Pictures,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved  throughout  the  world.  Authorized  edition.
          Printed  in  U.S.A.  Designed  and  produced  by  Western  Printing  &  Lithographing  Co.
          This  periodical  is  sold  subject  to  the  conditions .that  it  shall  not  be  disposed  of  by  way  of  trade  except  at  the  full  retail  price ;
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