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Visit Beautiful H
                     Elevation                                you Will E  .      otel Lebec
                     3900 Feet                                            nJoy Its Comf  orts
                  In  the  M  ountains
                  S.  t
                   ix y-Five  M"l   -                       Reasonable R  ates - All Ou  .
                  Hollywood   1 es from                                Steam Heated ts1de Rooms
                  Miles fro   and  Forty
                  on the  Fm Bakersfield
                  Route  b amt ous Ridge                                     •
                         e  wee  L
                  Angele      n   os                            OWNED AND OP    ERATED BY
                  Franc·  s  and  San
                       1aco.                                         K ENTERPRISES,  INC.
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