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At  some  time  in 1926  (prior         to  November     of  tha t  year),       Hart

            purchased  Lot          14 of Tract 1059          and Lot  31  of  Tract  2703           from

            Daisy     Quisenberry  (or        Quissenbery)         who had  owned  the  property

            since  about  1916.         There  were  only  minor improvements assessed  at

            $100  on  this  property  since  1917.

                    In    1926  Hart  also purchased  the  eastern  half                of Lot  16  of
            Tract  1059  from  Mrs.         Armantha Thibaudeau,           who  owned  considerable

            property       in  the  area.       This   lot    abutted the southern border  of
                                         t .
            th  e  nor  th  west ern  por  10n  of f  H  HArt'ss  ranch an  d  was  unimprove.
                    A  year  later ,     Hart  purchased  the  eastern  half  of  Lot  15  of
                                       -                  ''
            Tract  1059,       located     on  the western  side of the ranch  between  the
            t wo  parcels mentioned above.               This    l  latest purchase     was   made  on  4

            April  1927,       through  Hart's       attorney.       James  G.     Scarborough,  who

           acquired      the  property  from        Alphonso G.       Cooper     (who retained        the

            western  half  of  Lot  15).            A  small improvement         on  the  property  at

            that  time  evidently was          removed  soon  after Hart's           purchase.    7

                    In  November       1927,     Hart  purchased      another     parcel      bordering

            been     owned  by  Franklin  Naylor,           who sold  a small  portion  on            the

            northwest       corner  to  Hart  in  1921,          and  the  forest  ranger  office

            and  residence  was  located in            the center     on   the  northern      tip.      In

            acres),      along  with  his  house        and  other  structures  to          Ed  Hart  of

            King     City    (no  relation  ta  William  S.          Hart).       In  1927  the  new

            owner  offered  the  property           to the  actor,  who  considered  the  lot  a

            valued      the  biuldings          "worthless."        He  offered      $4500  f or  the
             property,       though     he  believedit  was  worth  only  half  that  amount,
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