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                   The    last  addition         to  the  property         in    Hart's      lifetime,

           according  to  the  chain  of  title,  was  the  purchase  of  Lots  27,  28,

           and  29  of  Tract  2703, recorded           on  21 October  1933.          This  property

           al so  had  bel anged  to the  Purrucker  family1 y  and  was purchased  from

           B.    L.    Bates.      The parcel,  which  comprised  the  southeast  portion

           of    the  Horseshoe  Ranch,          contained onlyy  minimal         i improvements       on

           Lot     27  which  almost  disappeared  by  1935.               Lot  29  contained  part

           of    a   Southern       California      Edison  Company        right  of       way    which

           extended       through      the  southerH  portion of  Lot  31  of Tract  2703.

           With     the  purchase  of these  three  lots,              the  Horseshoe  Ranch         was
                         11             •

                   The  Los  Angel es County Parks  and  Recreation Department began

           operating  the  Horseshoe  Ranch  as  a  County  park  in  1957.                   In  order

           to  increase  the  land  available  for  recreational  use,                    the  County

           purchased       three  parcels adjacent to  the Horseshoe Ranch                        which

           expanded       the  park       to  its  present          limits.       These  additions

           included       the  Frew property        tn  the  northeastern        section,  a  small1

           half     of  three  lots  on  the  western  edge  along  Market  Street                  (see

           map  4).

                   In   1958     the  County  of  Los  Angeles  purchased              the    property

                                                                       Located     i  in  the  northeast
           section  of  Hart  Park,  the  parcel  consisted of Lots 22,  23,                     and  24

           of    Tract  1059,       which  bordered  the  Horseshoe Ranch  on  two  sides

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