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and    followed       the  curve  of  the  railroad  right  of  way             along     the

             east.      The  property  included a . house,             built   in   1926,  which  now

             serves  as  a         Parks   and  Recreation       Department       office,      a    small

             outbuilding,  and  a  barn.        12

                    In     1968 the  County' purchased the           parcel  in  Lot 21  of         Tract

             1059  which        contained       the former       U.S.     forest  ranger         office,

             residenie,       and  garage,       which had  caused  Hart  so  many  headaches.

             The    ranger    headquarters       had been  transfered          in   the    1930s,      and

             since  that  time       the  buildings  on this  parcel  had  been               used  for

             storage.      The  County     finally  purchased       the    parcel  and  removed  the
             buildings  so  that the         land  could  be used  for        a  parking lot.

                    The  final  additions  to  Hart  Park  were  two  parcels  purchased

             by  the  County  by  the  early          1970s.

             western      half  of  Lot  18,        located  on  Market  Street,             which     was

             probably  acquired           about.  1964.       The  other     parcel     included  the
             western      halves      of  Lots  16  and  17  of     Tract  1059,       owned     by    the

             Christ  Lutheran  Church         and  sold  in  1971.        All  three  of  these  lots

             and    formerlyy  belonged         to  Mrs.     Armantha    Thibaudeau       until     April1

             1946,     when     thei  were purchased  by  the  first of  several                 buyers.

             None     of   the - lots      contained       improvements         through      the  early

             1930s.   14

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