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"To be successful at Saugus  a guy
      really had  to understand how to make a car

             "it didn't matter too much  what
      was  running,  we'd  be out there every
      Saturday-sitting next to the same group of
      people year after year."

             "We had  to keep on  our toes
      because  there was  always something new

             "We sure  miss  that place!"

      will stir the memories and  stories of all who
      ever visited  the place.  Whether a fan,  driver,  or
      race  official, the hundreds of photos and
      comprehensive stats  in  this book will take
      you  back to:

      'The Super Track'  and  'LA's  Place to Race'
               All divisions shown!

           All Main  Event winners listed!
       Season  standings for each  division listed!

         This volume covers the Later Years of
                1979 through  1995.
                    $39.95, us

             Cover design  by  Neil Nissing
            Original cover art by Tom  Fritz
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