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Saugus Speedway Scrapbook

                           Hello From Lyn Pherigo!
                          February of 1952 was the first  time I ever saw Saugus
                      Speedway. At that time it was known as Bonelli Stadium. Little
                      did I know that two decades later Saugus would become a very
                      important part of my life.
                           I had just completed a (our-month noncommissioned
                      officers training class at Fort Benning, Georgia, and was driving
                      from Pekin, Illinois, my hometown, to Camp Cook, North of
                      Santa Barbara. It later became Vandenburg Air Force Base.
                           After a tour of duty in Korea and visitation to such "exotic"
                      places as Heartbreak Ridge, Luke the Gook's castle, Wachon
                      Reservoir, Christmas Hill and Sand bag Castle I returned to
                      California and settled down in the coastal town of Ventura.
                                                                                                                          Lyn Pherigo
                           In 1970, I relocated to Saugus where I lived only a few
                      blocks from Tony Coldewey who started Stock Car Racing at         I coordinated many special events with Marshall, and later
                      Saugus in 1959.  He was seriously injured in a 1972 auto accident   with his son Ray. Those I'm especially proud of include the Salute
                      which ended his tenure at Saugus Speedway.                   to Champions Night in 1982, staging a 70 Birthday Party for
                          Marshall Wilkings became Promoter and General Manager    Gabby Garrison in 1986, creation of the Saugus Speedway
                      and I was hired by him to be assistant announcer for the 1973   coloring book, and the publication of my 400 Saugus Speedway
                      season. Every Saturday night for the next five years, I sat next to   Program in September of 1990.
                      Joe Vollkommer, the longtime "Voice of Saugus Speedway."  Every   Life has been good to me! Yes, I've had the up as well as the
                      few weeks Joe would advise me to be ready to do "the whole   down times. In 1973 when I became involved with Saugus
                      show" next week because he was going to be out of town.  But Joe   Speedway, my life was in turmoil. In addition to marital and
                      never missed a night in those five years!                    business problems, I lost my youngest daughter in an auto
                          During some personnel changes in 1978, I becamePublicity   accident. Fortunately for me, I got the assistant announcers job at
                      & Program Director. The following year I purchased the souvenir   Saugus Speedway.  It didn't seem like much at the time but now I
                      facilities. My six hour a night assistant announcers job soon   know that it certainly changed the direction of my life.
                      became a seven day a week marathon.                               In reality, Saugus Speedway was my life saver! I am very
                           Along with the public relations job came the added duties   proud of this book and am glad to be able to preserve so many
                      of driving the pace car.  I loved those added duties! Always   memories for those of you who were there and the others who
                      wanting to be a race car driver, this was a dream come true! I   keep hearing the stories.
                      drove the pace car the final 13 years of my time at Saugus. It's   My resignation in 1990 was a very difficult decision. With
                      something I'll never forget!  My only regret is that I didn't keep a   the "workaholic" schedule I guess I just ran out of gas! My wife,
                      guest log of all the drivers and celebrities that rode with me, and   Anne, and I now reside in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.
                      of course, the great race fans of Saugus Speedway!                                    Warmest Regards, Lyn Pherigo, 2001

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