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                     As  the  school  year closes,  we  look ahead  to new  friendships,  new  experiences  and
                  new  adventures.
                     Our  graduating  class will look forward  to new scho<5ls,  new  teachers and new learn-
                  ings.  I think it must  always be  this  way.   Progress  and  growth  mean  looking  ahead.

                     But,  as  we  proceed into  the  future,  we  pause  and  look back at old  friendships,  old
                  experiences and  old  adventures.  This book,  merely  a  chapter  in  our  Book  of  Years,
                  helps  us  remember and recapture  the pleasant past.
                     I speak for  the  entire staff of Placerita  Junior  High  School  when  I extend congratu-
                  lations and  sincere best wishes  to  our graduating class of 1966.  May you enjoy continued
                  success and  learning at your  new school.
                                                        Rocco  Caccia tore

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