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                     NATIONAL  HISTORIC  LANDMARK

                                                .  I          •   I   i

                                                             ' I       i


                                             Artifacts from    RCM's New Library Opens in Newly
                                             Rancho Camu/os
                                             are prominently   Renovated Small Adobe
                                             featured in "Many
                                             Voices One Nation,"                                      After more
                                             a new exhibit at                                         than a decade
                                             the Smithsonian's                                        of hard work
                                             National Museum                                          by volunteers
                                             of American                                              and generous
                                             History,  that                                           donors, RCM's
                                             debuted in June                                          small adobe,
                                             2017. A large                                            which was nearly
                                             wooden cross
                                             from the rancho's                                        destroyed in the
                                             chapel garden, a                                         1994 Northridge
                                             red glass sacred                                         earthquake,
                                             heart from the                                           has once again
                                             Camulos chapel,                                          opened its doors
                                             and a mortar and                                         to the public.
                                             pestle attributed                                        In addition to
                                             to the Tataviam   Introducing visitors to RCM's new research   making the
                                             Native American   library, which houses books and archival
                                             people, who worked   manuscripts relevant to Camulos and Southern   1920 building
                                             at Camu/os - tell   California history                   structurally
                                             the story of the                                         sound, restoring
                                             de/ Valle family   its electricity, putting in a new septic and plumbing system,
                                             in Southern       painting the interiors and restoring the building's original
       California.  The artifacts from Rancho Camulos are expected to be on   beautiful hardwood floors, the small adobe is ready for visitors
       display for three years or more.                        and now also houses RCM's new research library. A dedication
                                                               and ribbon cutting celebration was hosted in June.
       Smithsonian Features RCM Artifacts
                                                               The new library represents a major achievement in the
       In early October, a group of museum members, docents and   museum's history. In addition to an excellent collection of
       board members traveled to Washington, D.C. to see NMAH's   books on Southern California and rancho period history, the
       "Many Voices One Nation" exhibit. Seeing the striking exhibit   library will give patrons access to the museum's archives,
       sharing the Camulos story was "exciting and a great honor,"   including early letters, business records, photographs and
       according to museum director Susan Falck. "We are so  pleased   maps of Rancho Camulos, some dating back to the early
       that the many visitors viewing this great exhibit that recognizes   1800s. The library is open to visitors the first Sunday of every
       how diversity shaped our nation's history will learn something   month, February - November, 1 - 4 p.m. and by appointment.
       about Rancho Camulos located more than 2,700 miles away.   To learn more about visiting the library and its holdings call
       We encourage anyone visiting Washington to stop by      805-521-1501. Plans are in the works to use the building as
       the National Museum of American History to see this     the museum's new visitor's center in early 2018, and to
       excellent exhibit."                                     stage future exhibits and lectures relevant to Camulos and
                                                               local history.
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