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RCM  Breaks Ground on New Tataviam Village               member of a prominent Santa  Barbara
                                                                California family. The couple married in
                                             In partnership with   1893 under the once expansive Camulos
                                             the Fernandeno     walnut tree.
                                             Tataviam Band of
                                             Mission Indians,   Plans are underway to stage an exhibit
                                             RCM  broke ground   and lecture in 2018 on these two
                                             this fall on a new   exciting museum acquisitions.
                                             interpretive village
                                           ·.  that will share
                                             Tataviam history
                                             and their role at   COMING MARCH 2018:                Reginaldo de/ Valle
                                             Rancho Camulos in   St. Francis Dam Disaster: Camulos Connections
                                             the 19th-century.
                                             Tataviam Indians                                March 18, 2018 marks the
        Volunteers at work on the new Tataviam   labored for the                             90th anniversary of the
        village at RCM,  scheduled to open in early 2018  del Valle family
                                                                                             terrifying St.  Francis Dam
       and helped to build the family's home, now referred to as the                         Disaster that devastated
       "Main Adobe."                                                                         much of the Heritage
                                                                                             Valley and took the lives
       The village being constructed by Tataviam and museum                                  of more than 450 people.
       volunteers will consist of a dwelling (kij), a storytelling area                      In  remembrance of this
       (ramada), a non-functioning sweat lodge and native plants                             tragic date in local history,
       from the Tataviam era. The village will offer school children                         Rancho Camulos (along
       and older visitors the opportunity to learn about the role the                        with other community
       Tataviam people played at Camulos. The village will open for   Ruins of St.  Francis Dam,  1928   organizations) will
       tours in early 2018.                                                                  commemorate the occasion
                                                               with a special month-long exhibit and lecture. The exhibit, "The
       Historic Portraits Returned to Camulos                  St.  Francis Dam Disaster: Camulos Connections" will be open
                                                               to the public every Sunday of the month from 1-4 p.m. in the
                                     The portraits of two
                                                               museum's recently renovated small adobe. The exhibit will
                                     important del Valle family
                                                               include photos, letters and newspaper articles documenting
                                     members, attributed to
                                                               how Rancho Camulos experienced the disaster. Coincidentally,
                                     noteworthy painter and
                                                               Reginaldo del Valle, who was a member of the Board of Water
                                     illustrator Alexander
                                                               and Power Commissioners for the city of Los Angeles between
                                   1.  Harmer (1856-1925), have
                                                               1908-1929, spent his formative years at Camulos before his
                                     been donated to Rancho
                                                               family sold the property in 1924. Del Valle's connection to the
                                     Camulos by del Valle
                                     descendants. The wedding   disaster will also be explored.
                                     portrait of Josefa del Valle
                                                               On Sunday, March 18 at 1 p.m., RCM  will host a community
                                     Forster ( 1861-1943 ) was
                                                               potluck and guest speaker to commemorate the St.  Francis
                                     recently donated to the
                                                               Dam break and flood. National Park Service archeologist
                                     museum by Suzie Daggett,
                                                               Ann Stansell will speak on her research findings and answer
                                     the great granddaughter
                                                               questions regarding the disaster's impact on  Rancho Camulos
                                     of Josefa, who played an
                                                               in what ranks as one of the worst American civil engineering
                                     important role in helping
                                     her widowed mother        failures in the twentieth century.
                                     manage the ranch before
       RCM Board Chair Judy Triem accepts
       the 19th-century wedding portrait   the property was sold in     2018 RCM EVENTS CALENDAR
       ofjosefa de/ Valle Forster from   1924. Josefa was noted as
       Suzie Daggett, great granddaughter   the president of the del
       of the bride                  Valle corporation on the        SUNDAY, FEB.  11  - Helen Huntjackson Returns
                                     firm's letterhead in the
                                                                     to Rancho Camulos.  (Living History Re-enactment.)
       early 1900s. Daggett also returned the small mission bell to
                                                                     2 p.m. $5 per person.
       the museum that originally hung adjacent to the chapel with
       two larger bells.                                             SUNDAY, MARCH 18 - St.  Francis Dam Exhibit
                                                                      & Lecture
       The portrait of Josefa's older brother Reginaldo del Valle (1854-
                                                                     FRIDAY, APRIL 6 -Artists' Day.  An  invitation for
       1938) was donated to the museum by his great granddaughter
       DeeDee Grady about two years ago, and was recently            painters and photographers to enjoy Camulos'
       restored. This portrait, likely painted in the early 1880s, depicts   colorful gardens and grounds. $25 per person.
       Reginaldo as a young man. Although not signed, the portrait
                                                                     Reservations required.
       bears a strong similarity to the portrait of his sister Josefa
                                                                     FRIDAY, APRIL 20 - Cowboy Festival & Luncheon.
       and is also believed to be the work of Harmer. According to
       Harmer's great granddaughter, Michele Plumridge, the painter   Includes concert, tour and vaquero buffet.
       spent a lot of time at Camulos as a young man, was friendly   Performer to be announced in early 2018.
       with the del Valle family and married Felicidad Abadie Yorba, a
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