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On behalf of our museum board of directors, docents and volunteers we thank you for your
              financial support. We wish each of you a joyous holiday season and happy new year, and we look
              forward to seeing you in 2018.

              Warm regards,

              Judith Triem                                              Susan Falck
              Board Chair, Rancho Camulos Museum                        Director, Rancho Camulos Museum

              P.S. We are offering a special gift for those who donate $500 or more. You'll receive a signed
              copy of Ranches: Home on the Range in California by Marc Appleton, which prominently
              features Rancho Camulos. This spectacular book features the stunning photography of Melba
              Levick and showcases 19 ranches, rekindling nostalgia for life on a western ranch from a bygone
              era. See the enclosed response card for more information.

              Rancho Camulos history lovers know how to have fun!
              In October, a group of museum volunteers, members and
              board members traveled to Washington, D.C.  to see RCM
              artifacts on display at the National Museum of American
              History.  The trip included visits to other landmarks,
              including Mount Vernon.
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