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May  15,  1939.

                         Mr.  A.  A.  Rubel,
                         Piru,  Cal  forn  a.
                         Dear Sir:

                                      Pursuant  to  your  request  we  have  appraised
                         the  furnishings  of  your  residence,  known  as  "Camulos
                         Ranch",  located  near  Pru.,  Cal  fornia,  withth  the
                         exception  of  your  collection  of  books,  which  books
                         were  appraised  by  Dawson ' s  Book  Shop,  627  South  Grand
                         Avenue,  Los  Angeles,  California;  and  find  that  the
                         total  reproductive  (new)  value  of  such  property  is
                         $88,570.30 ,  and  that  the  total  sound  value  is
                         $83,936.65 ,  distributed  as  shown  by  the  follow  ng
                         recap  tulations  of  the  attached  detailed  schedule  of
                         appra  sal.

                                      The  values  set  opposite each  item  of  this
                         appraisal were  carefully  and  conscientiously  figured
                         as  of  April  28,  1939,  and  this  schedule  may  be  relied
                         on  as  an  impartial  and  accurate  presentation  of  the
                         above  mentioned  property  according  to  current  prices
                         at  that  time.

                                      A  duplicate  of  this  appraisal           together  with
                         the  original  field  notes,  is  filed  in  our vault  at
                         Milwaukee,  Wisconsin,  under  a  serial  number  the  key
                         to  which  is  knovm.  to  only  one  of  the  officers  of  this

                                                              Yours  respectfully,

                                                              FIDELITY  APPRAISAL  company

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