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distributing  statements)  any  political  campaign  on  behalf  of  any
         candidate  for  publiri  office  except  as  provided  in  section  501(h)
         of  the  Internal  Revenue  Code  of  1954 . .. ,.

                B.     The  corporation  is  not  organized,  and  shall  not  be
         operated,  for  pecuniary  gain  or profit,  it does  not  contemplate  the
         distribution  of  gains,  profits  or  dividends  to  any  members  or  to
         any  private  shareholder,  as  defined  for  purposes  of  Section
         50l(c) (3)  of  the  Code  or  individual.

                c.     All  corporate  property  is  irrevocably  dedicated  to  the
         purposes  set  forth  in  Article  II  above.                      No  part  of  the  net
         earnings  of  this  corporation  shall  inure  to  the  benefit  of  any  of
         its directors,  trustees,  officers,  private shareholders or members,
         or  to  individuals.

                D.      On  the  winding  up  and  ,dissolution  of  this  corporation,
         after  paying  or  adequately  providing  for  the  debts,  obligations,
         and  liabilities  of  the  corporation,  the  remaining  assets  of  this
         corporation        sh~ll  be        distrib~ted  to           such     organization          (or
         organizations)  organized  and  operated  exclusively ·for  charitable,
         scientific,  or  educational  purposes,  which  has  established  its  tax
         exempt  status  under  section  501(c) (3)  of  the  Internal  Revenue  Code
         of  1954  (or  the  corresponding provision  of  any  future  United  States
         internal  revenue  law).


                The  names  and  addressed  of  the  persons  appointed  to  act  as
         initial  directors. of  the  corporation  are  as  follows:

                Shirley  R.  Lorenz
                42  Club  View  Lane,  Rolling  Hills  Estates,  CA  90274

                Anne  L.  Reinders
                17441  Los  Alamos,  Granada  Hills,  CA  91344

                Mary  Leavens  Schwabauer
                12681  Broadway,  Moorpark,  CA  93021

                Marshall  H.  Turner
                200  E.  Carillo,  Santa  Barbara,  CA  93101

                 Nathalie  R.  Trefzger
               10200 Mount  Vernon  Road,  Auburn,  CA  95603

         DATED:  ~ ,.ti',,!  c;,          I  19g_y_           ~~k ~-~'-9-c._
                           \                                 Shirley  R:Lorenz
                     4¾1                                      (Li1,_d_fw~~

         DATED:                              19 ~q
                                                             Anne  L.  Reinders
         DATED:  ~&-b                     I   ;i_9cf1/        11  fuct~"'·'7/                4     &~1---

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