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                             Sec.  1433.  Joshua Tree National Park.
                                           PART  IV-OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE  RECREATION AREAS
                             Sec.  1441.  Off-highway vehicle recreation areas.
                                                       PART V-MISCELLANE0US
                             Sec.  1451.  Transfer of land to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
                             Sec.  1452.  Wildlife corridors.
                             Sec.  1453.  Prohibited uses of acquired, donated, and conservation land.
                             Sec.  1454.  Tribal uses and interests.
                             Sec.  1455.  Release of Federal reversionary land interests.
                             Sec.  1456.  California State school land.
                             Sec.  1457.  Designation of wild and scenic rivers.
                             Sec.  1458.  Conforming amendments.
                             Sec.  1459.  Juniper Flats.
                             Sec.  1460.  Conforming  amendments  to  California Military  Lands  Withdrawal and
                                        Overflights Act of 1994.
                             Sec.  1461.  Desert tortoise conservation center.
                                                     TITLE II- NATIONAL PARKS

                                                  Subtitle A- Special Resource Studies
                             Sec.  2001.  Special resource study of James K.  Polk presidential home.
                             Sec.  2002.  Special resource study of Thurgood Marshall school.
                             Sec.  2003.  Special resource study of President Street Station.
                             Sec.  2004.  Amache special resource study.
                             Sec.  2005.  Special resource study of George W. Bush Childhood Home.
                                Subtitle B-National Park System Boundary Adjustments and Related Matters
                             Sec.  2101.  Shiloh National Military Park boundary adjustment.
                             Sec.  2102.  Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park boundary.
                             Sec.  2103.  Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park boundary.
                             Sec.  2104.  Fort Frederica National Monument, Georgia.
                             Sec.  2105.  Fort Scott National Historic Site boundary.
                             Sec.  2106.  Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument boundary.
                             Sec.  2107.  Voyageurs National Park boundary adjustment.
                             Sec.  2108.  Acadia National Park boundary.
                             Sec.  2109.  Authority  of Secretary of the  Interior  to  accept  certain properties, Mis-
                             Sec.  2110.  Home of Franklin D.  Roosevelt National Historic Site.
                                            Subtitle C-National Park System Redesignations
                             Sec.  2201.  Designation of Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park.
                             Sec.  2202.  Redesignation of Robert Emmet Park.
                             Sec.  2203.  Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park.
                             Sec.  2204.  Reconstruction  Era  National  Historical  Park  and  Reconstruction  Era
                                        National Historic Network.
                             Sec.  2205.  Golden Spike National Historical Park.
                             Sec.  2206.  World War  II  Pacific sites.
                                            Subtitle D-New Units of the National Park System
                             Sec.  2301.  Medgar and Myrlie Evers Home National Monument.
                             Sec.  2302.  Mill Springs Battlefield National Monument.
                             Sec.  2303.  Camp Nelson Heritage National Monument.
                                             Subtitle E-National Park System Management
                             Sec.  2401.  Denali National Park and Preserve natural gas pipeline.
                             Sec.  2402.  Historically  Black  Colleges  and  Universities  Historic  Preservation  pro-
                                        gram reauthorized.
                             Sec.  2402A.  John H. Chafee Coastal Barrier Resources System.
                             Sec.  2403.  Authorizing cooperative management agreements between the District of
                                        Columbia and the Secretary of the Interior.
                             Sec.  2404.  Fees for Medical Services.
                             Sec.  2405.  Authority to grant easements and rights-of-way over Federal lands with-
                                        in Gateway National Recreation Area.
                             Sec.  2406.  Adams Memorial Commission.
                             Sec.  2407.  Technical corrections to  references  to  the African American  Civil Rights
                             Sec.  2408.  Transfer of the James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory.
                             Sec.  2409.  Bows in parks.
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