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                              Sec.  2410.  Wildlife management in parks.
                              Sec.  2411.  Pottawattamie County reversionary interest.
                              Sec.  2412.  Designation of Dean Stone Bridge.
                                              Subtitle F-National Trails and Related Matters
                              Sec.  2501.  North Country Scenic Trail Route adjustment.
                              Sec.  2502.  Extension of Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.
                              Sec.  2503.  American Discovery Trail signage.
                              Sec.  2504.  Pike National Historic Trail stuay.
                                             TITLE III-CONSERVATION AUTHORIZATIONS
                              Sec.  3001.  Reauthorization of Land and Water Conservation Fund.
                              Sec.  3002.  Conservation incentives landowner education program.
                                      TITLE  IV-SPORTSMEN'S ACCESS AND RELATED MATTERS
                                                       Subtitle A-National Policy
                              Sec.  4001.  Congressional declaration of national policy.
                                              Subtitle B-Sportsmen's Access to Federal Land
                              Sec.  4101.  Definitions.
                              Sec.  4102.  Federal land open to huntino-, fishing, and recreational shooting.
                              Sec.  4103.  Closure  of  Federal  land  to hunting,  fishing,  and  recreational  shooting.
                              Sec.  4104.  Shooting ranges.
                              Sec.  4105.  Identifymg opportunities for recreation, hunting, and fishing  on Federal
                                             Subtitle C-Open Book on Equal Access to Justice
                              Sec.  4201.  Federal action transparency.
                                Subtitle D-Migratory Bird Framework and Hunting Opportunities for  Veterans
                              Sec.  4301.  Federal closing date for hunting of ducks, mergansers, and coots.
                                                        Subtitle E-Miscellaneous
                              Sec.  4401.  Respect for treaties and rights.
                              Sec.  4402.  No priority.
                              Sec.  4403.  State authority for fish and wildlife.
                                                  TITLE V-HAZARDS AND MAPPING
                              Sec.  5001.  National Volcano Early Warning and Monitoring System.
                              Sec.  5002.  Reauthorization of National Geologic Mapping Act of 1992.
                                                TITLE VI- NATIONAL HERITAGE AREAS
                              Sec.  6001.  National Heritage Area designations.
                              Sec.  6002.  Adjustment of boundaries of Lincoln National Heritage Area.
                              Sec.  6003.  Finger Lakes National Heritage Area study.
                              Sec.  6004.  N at10nal Heritage Area amendments.
                                         TITLE VII-WILDLIFE HABITAT AND  CONSERVATION
                              Sec.  7001.  Wildlife habitat and conservation.
                              Sec.  7002.  Reauthorization of Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act.
                              Sec.  7003.  John H. Chafee Coastal Barrier Resources System.
                                                   TITLE VIII-WATER AND POWER
                                                  Subtitle A- Reclamation Title Transfer
                              Sec.  8001.  Purpose.
                              Sec.  8002.  Definitions.
                              Sec.  8003.  Authorization of transfers of title to eligible facilities.
                              Sec.  8004.  Eligibility criteria.
                              Sec.  8005.  Liability.
                              Sec.  8006.  Benefits.
                              Sec.  8007.  Compliance with other laws.
                                              Subtitle B-Endangered Fish Recovery Programs
                              Sec.  8101.  Extension of authorization for  annual base funding  of fish recovery pro-
                                         gTams; removal of certain reporting requirement.
                              Sec.  8102.  Report on recovery implementation programs.
                                        Subtitle C- Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project
                              Sec.  8201.  Authorization of phase III.
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