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lie Year Was

           Can you believe it? The  talents.  Class  competi-       December  9th  came  turned summery.
        year is  over.  What an ex-  tions  included  outrageous  and  with  it  arrived  the    At the Los Angeles Hil
        citing  time  it  was!  It can  activities such as  drawing  Winter  Formal.  Trans- ton and Towers, the Pro
        be  described  in  one  a  picture  of  Cher  while  forming  the  gym  into  a  was  held  on  June  2nd
        word- centsational!          blindfolded.                 "Stairway  to  Heaven"  Seniors  looked  ahead  t
           As the year began, stu-      Homecoming  was  a  was  half  the  fun  of  the  their  big  day-gradu
        dents  came  back  with  blast!  Did we  have fun  as  dance!                         ation,  as  Juniors  square
        more  school  pride  than  hippies,  or what?               Soft balls,  base balls,.  their shoulders to becom
        ever before. Our newly ex-      Dribbling,  passing,  and swimsuits were pulled  seniors.  Sophs  and  Fros
        panded  quad  became  the  shooting,  the  basketball  out  as  the  spring  sports  would  no  longer be at th
        gathering  place.  Atten-    teams  strutted  their  stuff  season  began.  Not  only  bottom of the heap.
        dance  at  football  games  on the courts, while soccer  was spring love in the air,     The year finally drew t
        was_ high  as  more  and  players kicked the ball all  but the yearning for sum-      a  close,  but  we  all  have
        more Centurions came out  over  the  field-rain  or  mer also grew-especially  special memories to cher·
        to support the teams.  Re-   shine.                       when  spring  weather  ish forever.
        member our first  football
        win  of  the  season  o:v:er
        South  Pasadena?  Or  the
        singles  sweep  in  tennis
        against  Hart?  The  Cents
        couldn't stop at just one.
           Clubs  banded  together
        in full  force.  The first an-
        nual Club Fair was held in
        October.  Many organiza-
        tions such as Future Busi-
        ness  Leaders  of  America
        (FBLA) gained many new
        members while new clubs
        formed  such  as  the  Art
        Club  or  Young  Stud~nt
        Activist (YSA).
           The pep rallies were in-
        spiring  as  well  as  enter-
        taining.  A number of stu-
        dent s  including  N ina
        -Storey,  Adam  and  Keith
        Tennenbaum,  and  Eric
        Vang shared with the stu-
                od  their  musical-
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