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Pride: It Makes


           Pride:    It    makes       So,  with  well-trained
        CENTS!  A  rather  bold  sport  teams,  highly  chal-
        ~tatement, you say? Well,  lenging  academic  curricu-
        what  makes  a  school  an  lum, and successful extra-
        exceptional school? Is it a  curricular  activities,  one
        great athletic team, an ex-  can conclude one thing -
        cellent academic program,  a student body with pride.
        involving student activities,  Simply  put:  "PRIDE:  IT
        a  supportive  f acuity,  or  a  MAKES CENTS!"
        student  body  overflowing
        with school spirit?
                                    "Give  a  hoot,  don't  pollute!"
          The answer is simply all
                                    Norm Raymundo  helps  out  by
        of the above.  Each aspect   throwing his  trash where it be-
        cannot  stand  on  its  own.   longs .....
        Each  one  is  dependent
        upon  the  others.  Our
        achievements  in  sports,
        academics,  and  activities
        rely  heavily  upon  our
        teachers,  coaches,  coun-
       selors,  and  most  impor-
        tantly,  our  peers.  Support
       is  the key  word.
       Hands  held  high  in  victory,
       Steve  Brown  returns  to  the
       bench  for  further  consultation
       with Coach Aldrich.  ....

                                     To inspire the winning goal, Bridget Jennings forms the human pyra-
                                     mid  at the Saugus vs.  Soµth  Pasadena football game.  ....  .

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